Saturday, December 23, 2006

OMG!!!!! (No, really....!!!!!)

Pimped gi-pictures

This weeks megalomaniac

Membership to prove you are clueless, anyone?

Warning: My suggestion is below here, and may seem harsh, so if you are overly sensitive, then you should stop reading now...... (No, really, i have plans to be rather radical.......)

Ok, you were warned.......

Somebody *PLEASE* put these guys out of their misery..... Then print out these pages to use in your defence. "No, really.... the world *IS* a better place now, your honor.... And Einar and the voices inside my head told me to do it....."

And to support your noble effort, i will give you a polkadotted gi and 17th and a half dan if you can rid the world of some of these broken miserable people.....

Sunday, December 17, 2006


To make sure that you get the most out of every class, make sure you prepare your feet, so that blisters and cuts dont ruin the fun of it all.

Changing floors, upping the amount of training or intensity is three ways that will adversly affect the skin of your feet.

So, how to make sure that yours stay in perfect shape?

Its all about being proactive in care. That means that you need to treat them *before* you get some problem.

Standard care:
1. Use a footfile to remove hard skin.
2. Get a good moisterizer and use it morning and night.
3. About once a month i take a long, hot footbath and then use a footrazor to remove excess skin. (Dont use the razor on dry skin cause the possibility of cutting yourself is too big)

Trainingcamp care:
1. In addtion to the normal care i add more moisterizer before and after each class.
2. Bring some sportstape. If you should be unfortunate enough to get blisters, then tape in advance if at all possible.

Einars list of readily available recommended products:

Scholl footrazor
Scholl footfile
Vaseline Intensive Care moisterizer
Nivea Bodylotion

Whichever moisturizer you choose, try to not get the ones with the most perfume. Then make a habit of preparing your feet for training. They will love you for it.....


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Weeeeeee!!!! Pretty lights everywhere, days off sounds good (even though i know i will get bored) and to finish it all off, i cant wait for new years eve!!!! Icelanders go completly bananas (again), so the fireworks is really out of this world. (Niiiice, i liiiike......)

And regarding my passion: Gradings coming up, and i am confident people will do well. The gashuko with Richard Amos sensei was a huge success and the chances of him returning some time looks pretty good, too. Him and the WTKO technical director, Steve Ubl sensei, is joining us in Italy next summer. Gonna be *the* european event of the year.

All in all, things are pretty niiiice.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November - 06

So...... What happened?

KAK became the best club in the Icelandic kumite-championship.
Disa broke her nose and won the IM for small people.
Gunni lost it (and his chair.....)
Temp fell to way too low.
Window broke in my car for no good reason.
Kato sensei had a great gashuko at Haukar.
Amos sensei visits Iceland for the first time, ever.
Big bunch of people is going to the 3 frakkar and Blue Lagoon.

Even though the month isnt over, i think it will be seen as a good one.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Here is a link to some exciting stuff from Karate no Michi - World Federation: Yahara sensei is 59 years old in this footage..... He is also one of the biggest inspirators of Richard Amos sensei that comes here in less than 3 weeks.... (Yes, i will keep telling you to show up.......)

And if you still have more time to spend online, then Scott Langley (another westerner that have completed the JKS instructor course) have some good kata-stuff on

Feel free to link to other videos in the comments-section.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I probably should blog more often....... But its kinda hard to get around to it, when not much is happening and i still dont have my internet at home back again.

Anyway...... Its getting colder and i should get the tires on the car changed...... Other than that: Its less than 4 weeks until Richard Amos sensei gets here..... If you wanna look at some of his thoughts bout karate, he has published some articles on his web


Friday, September 22, 2006


(This will be in norwegian due to bad language.....)

HELVETES, JÆVLA GRAVEMASKIN-KRØLL!!!!! Ja, jeg er litt gretten.... Utenfor mitt fine lille blå hus lå det inntil igår en ubrutt livslinje til fest og moro...... Lettkledde damer, spill, info, nyheter, norsk tv, musikk og alt annet som gjør livet verdt å leve, kom til meg den veien......

Og nå er alt bare trist og leit....... (Jeg overdriver kanskje litt for effekt.....)

Jammen bra at jeg har fått meg X-Box 360, og at det fremdeles er trådløst internet på det kjøptesenteret i verden med mest babes........ (A)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Powerballs!! :-D

(No, its nothing gross, i promise......)

As some of you may have noticed, i have sold some incredibly cool plastic balls lately... Just thought i should follow up with some more information. (Since some (unnamed people) have shamed me for my lack of selling efforts....)

Anyway.... Powerballs is an amazing little gadget that will improve your finger-, hand- and arm-strength while making you look stunningly charming, hot and super in the process.... Some minutes pr day on a regular basis will really strengthen your grip and vastly improve your quality of life and standard of living. Status, friends, fame and money will ofcourse naturally follow..... (I might be embellishing a bit for dramatic effect, but thats a secret....)

I read somewhere that the spinning inner ball is the fastest manually operated thing on earth... And considering that it can spin faster than 10.000 (worldrecord is over 16.000) rounds pr minute, i am inclined to believe that.

More information can be found by following the link on the right side of my main page.
(And some positive notes from my incredibly happy customers will be appreciated....)

Current price is ridiculously cheap, compared to whats being sold in a store on Laugarvegur, btw.

Basic version: 2.500
If you want blinking neon and/or a digital counter,
then that is another 500 each.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fallseason is on!!

Weeeee!!!!! Finally training every day again!!! (Yeah, i know i could have done solotraining in the summer, and i did do some, but its just more fun when lots of people join in)

End of first whole week now, and i can really feel the difference in doing 9 or 20 hours..... Always takes a few weeks to get used to the amount again. But, i am not complaining since karate is so much *FUN*!!

A djøfunni: (hihi)
Koike sensei at Haukar 23rd to 25th of sept.
First Grand Prix-mot 30th sept.
First Bikarmot 7th oct.
UM in kumite 29th oct.
IM in kumite 11th nov.
Kato sensei at Haukar 17th to 19th nov.
Richard Amos sensei at our place 24th to 26th of nov.

Lets rock and roll, guys.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Seniors class...

In my opinion: Shotokan could be doing better in Iceland than we are at the moment. I think there is many talented seniors, but since we dont practice much together, more people get frustrated and quit at brown/black belt level than i think we should be happy with

My solution: A class being taught on a rotating basis by the dangrades. (And when not teaching, we ofcourse join in) Acceptance into this class would be either 1st kyu or by invitation and if in the class, we should be showing up regularly. (Meaning that a sitcom on tv is not a good reason to skip it... Tape the show and see it afterwards....)

Seeing as most of the potential people for this class either teach or train in their own club during the week, my suggestion is that we try to get something going on sunday afternoon/night and cancel the class only for trainingcamps (where all of us should be training, anyway)

A biweekly class isnt much of an addition to our schedule, but i think the benefit in different ideas, training methods and more insights into higher level training than we see on a regular basis, will be a big boost. Not just for the attendees, but for the 4 different clubs when we return full of enthusiasm.

Consider this as an open invitation and lets see if we can all come together for the benefit of everybody. When we have a group of more than 10 that is willing to commit to showing up, we find a place and set it in motion.

So far i have a positive answer from Helgi, Åsa and Bjørg. Help me spread this link and lets see some new names in the comments-section.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Halfmarathon and karatestuff....

Weeeee!!!! I finished my first halfmarathon!!!! (Beaten by an 75 year-old, but thats not the point...) Congratulations to everyone that surprised themselves by doing better than they thought they could. For next year, i suggest we get in better shape and go for the next longer distance.

The fall-season is upon us, and for the eager karate-people there will be ample opportunity to improve. Gunni is hosting Koike sensei in september and probably Kato sensei in november. Also in november: For the first time in Iceland........ (brrrrrr...... (drumroll)) Richard Amos sensei will be visiting our cozy little tropical island....... PARTY!!!! So, 24th-26th of november..... Make sure you dont have other plans..... (there will also be food on saturday night and Blue Lagoon on the sunday, so find your happyface and lets boogie!!)


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New look.

As is getting to be easier to edit these days, my blog will probably look different in the weeks to come, until i find a look that i really like. Feel free to comment on good and bad stuff in the process.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I feel karateka should strive to be stronger and faster than yesterday, last month or last year. I further feel that lackluster behaviour only will backfire on yourself. So when the subject of the Reykjavik marathon came up this week, me and the extremely positive Eythor decided that we do a halfmarathon this year and a full marathon next year........

Anyway, here is the challenge: I think that all of you guys can do 10 km if you just set your heart to it..... Then halfmarathon next year, sounds like a good goal to get healthier and will also provide you with more aerobic training (which karate really dont give us enough of)

Impress me by showing up and finishing the 10 km, 21 km or if you already are a superman: 42 km. (Thats right, the 3 km is not a challenge and therefore dont count.... ;-) )

So far, Eythor and me are doing the 21km and Åsa, Gusta and Jon Andri is doing the 10km. Leave a note in my comments about which distance you are doing and spread the word. Sign up at

Gay Pride

Downtown today was a massive crowd, most everybody smiling and rainbow-coloured stuff everywhere. Gave me hope for mankind, after all. Why on earth shouldnt everyone be allowed to be themselves without being shamed for being different? I think people should be less afraid to show who they are and the rest should be less judgemental.

For christmas i want a rainbow button that says Virðing and a pink t-shirt that says: Sorry boys, i am straight.



Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SUMMER!!! (Finally its here.......)

WOW, how much i like the sun and warm weather!!!!! Gives you icelanders a clue how much i like being here and teaching you all, since i put up with your crazy weather..... (hihi)

Other than that; Laugarvatn was fun, Birkir blew bubbles and the foodperson had been swapped with a woman that actually could cook....(!!!) Other than that, not much is going on these days...

YEAH, WAIT!!! I have bought two new guitars on ebay!!! One 7-string electric that sounds all evil and one 12-string that sounds like a whole orchestra. Very happy. Ebay is sooo the place to shop. Wouldnt have had the money to buy these in Iceland, and really makes shipping a breeze, too. (i sound like a commercial, so i better sign off now)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back in ACTION!!

Very happy!!! Weather today actually looked like a half decent summerday!!!! (The sun is following me now....)

And my new dogi from Japan is really nice. Shureido makes dogis that are not cotton, and in my opinion, they are well worth the extra expense. They stay white, they are comfortable to wear, dont stick to your body when you sweat in them and they last forever (almost) Also the people making them gets the measurements correct so they come with the right length arms and legs. All good. If in doubt, consider this: My previous dogi i have been using for about 20 hours pr week, and i have washed it almost every day for 2 years, and it hardly shows any wear at all.... For high quality equipment, they cant be beat, in my opinion.

And my new belt is getting white very quickly, 2..... (Hihi...)

BUT!!! I had a 2 week break from karate, and now i have trained 3 days and my legs are *tired*!!!! (I think breaks should be "bannad" from now on) Ohwell, i guess i will be getting into the rhythm again shortly.

And regarding other news, i guess the biggest thing happening soon is the gashuko at Laugarvatn in two weeks. Senseis Kawasoe, Lim, Isak and i will be teaching, so here is a great opportunity for everyone to get some different ideas and some enthusiasm to jumpstart the fall-season.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Greeting from Norway :-)


Been in the land of (almost) eternal sunshine for a week and a half now.... Long time injuries seems to appreciate the one week break, and i cant wait to start teaching and training again.

The trainingcamp i attended last weekend is in my opinion the best value for money big camp out there. Excellent teachers, easy travelling from iceland and not too expensive. Senseis Amos, Trimble, Kompier and Langley impresses me with well-planned, dynamic classes that is thought-provoking and inspiring. If you are chasing karate excellence then this is one camp you should consider joining me for next year. (And the people really rock it out on Singstar.....!!)

Five more days of relaxation with family and then back home. All good. :-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vacation, weather and some random thoughts..

Tomorrow morning i am off for some good weather.....


I love being in Iceland, love the fact that i teach karate for a living, and the fact that icelanders are supernice. (Even though their language is wrong...)

Thanks for making me feel welcome. Looking forward to return shortly.

Then some karate-thoughts:

Tension is not helping your technique. Make an effort to be on time. Dont ask me bout opening the windows cause i am freezing and my hip is bad already. (Lets put a bag in the door if the airquality is poor) Welcome visitors, that way you get more partners and i put more effort into teaching a class of 20 than if we are only 5. They will also return the favour, i am sure. Remember the stuff i taught so we can move on. Listen to what i tell the others and then concentrate on the same issues. I can only guide you in the right direction; What you must bring to it is your full concentration and max effort, both mentally and physically.

Reading the above chapter it looks like i am all down on this experience, but i am not. I am just passionate about your progress. Sometime i actually think that my desire for you to get a black belt is even bigger than yours. I think this is because of all the great stuff that has happened for me as a result of training karate-do.

Thanks for a great spring season, folks, and lets keep pushing hard.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

New York (and somemorestuff)

WOW!! (Yeah, i know i should update more often....)

After spending 8 days in the big apple, i now have a new fav city in the world. Very, very exciting place. Training with Richard Amos sensei in an almost private setting also makes for very detailed feedback (and very sweaty norwegians.....) We were 6 this year, and there is no way i am not making this a yearly event. Next year, though, some of you icelandic high grades needs to join in.

We were very unlucky with the weather, though. :-( (It rained more on the weekend i was there than the monthly average of june.....) But nothing could stop me smiling since i got to see Stomp and a tiny off Broadway-show called Bush is Bad. Furthermore, the prettiest store in the world is on 59 and 3rd..... Its an Apple-store, and it was sooo "beeeeeep" amazing. (Even i almost wanted an iMac or an iPod....!!!!)

Then i flew home to make it to Kato senseis gashuko at Laugarvatn. Good training, questionable food, and i cant wait until the 2 "mediumsized" sugarburners are past the "Lets make noise cause we are HYPED!!!!!"......... ;-) (Thanks a lot for remebering my birthday, btw)

All in all, it has been an exciting last couple of weeks. Now i am looking forward to first time in Iceland on their national holiday. I have no idea what to expect but will post some comparison with the big norwegian day. (And i also pledge to make updates here atleast a bimonthly thing)


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Training ethics

I hope this post dont come off as selfgrandeur. Its just hard to explain my thoughts on the matter, without refering to myself as a good example. This because my training ethics is the one thing in my karate that i am the proudest of.

Karate in 2006 is different than in the 1980-ies (damn, now i sound old....). People have changed. They are more sensitive, and they are better at giving up than was the norm 20 years ago. I think that to really excel at any endeavour, you need to make a real decision to push through, no matter what. In this, i am actually as confident that i can keep a straight face and say: This part of my karate you can safely copy.

So what if you get a bruise on your arm? So what if you are a little thirsty? So what if your leg is hurting from a hard block? So what? You have two options: You can stop and whine about it (give up) or you can ignore it and keep pushing to improve.

Please note that i am not saying that you should disregard injuries that need to be iced, or stuff that needs to be kept still to not get worse. Listen to your body and also take serious care of your partner. (And dont misunderstand again: I definatly dont say that you should be so careful that your karate turns into the preschool-kind that dont work)

Waht i would like to see, though, is karateka that starts on the command of hajime, trains the whole time between start and finish, shows up for a bit more classes than the minimum to qualify for the next grading, joins in for gashukos (and i mean the whole camp, not just a class or two) and keeps a positive attitude in the process. I also highly recommend reading books or webs on whatever subject that you wanna improve.

If you tell yourself that you will never give up and that you dont allow yourself to be mediocre, then your karate (or any other endeavour you might pursue) will be highly successful.

Train hard, push your partners, take care of yourself and them in the process, and most of all, have lots of fun in the process.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Gashukos at Laugarvatn


Two trainingcamps at Laugarvatn this summer. Gunni and his band of merry men and women is bringing Kato sensei june 9-11. Then Kawasoe sensei and Mr. Poh Lim is coming in july 27-30.

I suggest that you probably wanna do both if you have the chance. Meeting the other icelandic karateka and also getting a different point of view, instructional-vise is always beneficial.

Regarding the Kato sensei weekend, Gunni has kept a limited nr of spaces for me, so get back to me as soon as possible if you wanna join in. More info on the Haukar webpage.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Einar in London

Arrived Keflavik, checked in
Went through security
Thought i had lost my credicards
Freaked out, freaked out alot, found cards
Met Isak in dutyfree shop
Landed on time at Stanstead
Went by train and tube to Piccadilly Backpackers (12£ for a bed...)
Slept, had very bad breakfast
Tube, train and taxi to Windsor
No idea when training starts, but both me and Isak made it
3 hour of zukiwasa for the sandan and above group....
Indianfood... :p
Early night at my great singleroom with net and cabletv :p
Legs tired, worried that i will be very tired after class on sunday
Saturday classes were pretty slow, good thing the grading saved the day...
Sunday; More slow classes, BurgerKing and uneventful flight home.

Then i come home.... THE STALKERS HAVE BEEN AT MY PLACE!!! :O

Balloons everywhere..... All good.


Sunday, April 23, 2006


(I love how icelanders suddenly say its summer, even though its snowing and is colder than in the Antarctica....)

Ohwell, i comfort myself with the idea that i am gonna buy me a Ipod Nano when i go to New York early june.... Speaking of NY... Manhattan looks absolutely awesome, and chances are that i will get to experience a play and a musical or 2. Hopefully the weather is gonna work out so i can roll around on my inline skates and see it all. Promise to bring my camera and be a good boy (for once) an take lots of pictures.

Unless my hotelplans changes, i will be living 100 meters from Times Square, and about 1.5 km from the dojo. Very close to Broadway, Central Park and I CANT WAIT TO GO!!!


5 other norwegians are going, and i am pretty sure that this will be a yearly event for me. Almost private training with the best instructor i have ever met. It is bound to be absolutely awesome. (Weeeeee!!!!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New dangrades!!!


Congratulations to Palmar and Arnar who passed shodan and Eydis who passed nidan this weekend.

Very good job. Remember to keep the pedal to the metal and help the other kyugrades to get to your level. We expect you guys to keep shining as good examples of how this is done.

And to the kyugrades: Passing a dangrade is about attitude. Its about never giving up, not putting yourself down and always step up with a positive and strong feeling. Just basically do your best and concentrate 100% on your learning. Some of you will do outstanding gradings, some will do perfectly fine, but unless you quit, there will also come a time when your grading is not so good. (I expect to fail, sooner or later...) If you find that u do a grading that isnt all there, though, then treat it as a learning experience. If i fail, i will just try harder, and i will pass solidly the next time i try. You guys should also foster that spirit. (end of speach, lets get back 2 the fun stuff....)

From now on i think both KAK and Breidablik will have new dangrades every year....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strange mail....

"Your pictures suck.

Mine are much better.

My kata team is much heavier than yours.

My belly is bigger than yours.

My girlfriend takes better pictures than yours.

My webpage is cooler than yours.

Kveðja Fat Bastard
ps. I forgot to mention that my style is better than yours and has it's
own domain with the link to the better
pictures taken by the better girlfriend.............
pps. The link to the pictures is at the bottom of the page.
ppps. If you think you girlfriend is better than mine send bikini
pictures and I will think about it."

If anyone can be helpful and make sure the "Fat Bastard" - dude gets to the gashuko this weekend, that would be appreciated....... And there is not enough pics of the people from the two best clubs in the pics your girlfriend took.....

(She *IS* hot, though, i give u that......)


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Icelandic Championship in kata.

It seems like the slightly older juniors still rock...... (Very few of the winners were less than 30 years old....)

Congrats to Helgi and Eydis, and i would like to add that the scyri guy seems to b doing an ok job.... Breidablik and Karatefelag Akranes was the first and second best clubs. Very, very cool.

Pictures on and on


Monday, March 27, 2006

Back from Sweden

After an eventful weekend we are all back in the freezing cold.... Landed on Keflavik yesterday at 1600 and it looked like the same weather as in Sweden, but it was so cold that me and Danni almost froz to death looking for the car in the parkinglot..... Good thing we were of viking-descent or it could have gone really bad.

Anyway, Swedentrip cronologically:

1. Wake up after 1.5 hour sleep (I never can sleep when i am gonna travel)
2. Get happy Bjørg and tired Danni
3. Drive to Keflavik
4. Listen to the new and evil Bjørg (Lets talk slowly to the goju-people)
5. Meet the sleepy crowd at 0600
6. Check in
7. Listen to Gusta lay down a kissing-ban on the trip.
8. Shop
9. Get video of Bjørg going crazy....
10. Watch Gusta get "flightready"..... (She is funny....)
11. Fly in great weather and see lots of cool nature.
12. Land at Arlanda (with a crazy pilot)
13. Taxi to hotel (which icelanders described as so "homy", that the didnt need shoes)
14. Check out downtown Stockholm (Pretty buildings, painful knee)
15. Girls went shopping, boys waited..... (a lot...)
16. Åsa has had too much Powerade..... (again...)
17. Pizza restaurant
18. Sauna and socializing
19. Very tired, sleep.
20. Saturday: Breakfast, walk to competition, register, get info and get rocking.
21. Incredibly well organised competition with 570 contestants. Not a glitch anywhere. Wow.
22. Girls are officially into foreigners..... Germany, England, Norway..... (A)
23. Back to hotel, out for chinesefood.
24. Sensible people go to sleep at around 0100 and less than sane people have too much Powerade and stays up to about 0700......
25. Breakfast, packing, taxi to Arlanda, nice flight home. Congrats to Gusta for flying without getting excessivly funny. (Now u see you can fly without getting very worried.
26. Taxfree in Iceland is way cheaper than abroad so delay shopping until u get here.

Almost forgot a couple of important points: Gunni knows a short and rare version of Empi.... And somebody should tell icelanders to wear shoes in the hotel..... (Or atleast clothes....)

Anyway, thanks to Gunni, Gusta, Andri, Anton, Heida, Dagny, Kristjan, Isak, Danni, Åsa, Tommi and Bjørg for making this a fun weekend. You all saw some amazing kata and know what to do to improve upon this years performance in 2007.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Even later update....

So, internet back on at my place, life is good again....

Since last time, me and Palmar had a demo at the junior national katachampionship. (I won, but will admit it was a bit rigged....) We did 8 sequences from Heian Nidan outlining all the techniques of the kata in a slightly creative way. (Palmar showed the world that they did not miss a new Jack Nicholson.... (Acting-skills-joke) But other than that he did a great job.

Regarding results: KAK cleaned up, bigtime, with Breidablik coming in second place. Very good effort considering how things have been going in earlier years. Congratulations to all the participants.

More competitions..... (No, I am NOT turning into a coach, no matter what you say, though....) Åsa, Dagny, Heida, Danni, Bjørg, Gusta, Tommi and me + Gunni and Isak from Haukar and Andri from KFR is going to Sweden for a giant competition in about a week. Should make for a fun weekend. :-)

(And i promise to update more often.......)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Late update...

Been busy last week, and internet at my home is down, so this update is a bit late.....

Since last post i have slaugthered Arna in squash (even though she played with both hands....) Also played with Palmar, and no pain this time, so maybe i am soon ready to do an hour after all.

Teen-championship in kata is coming up on sunday, and i have been tricked into having a demo. Planning to see if i can come up with some bunkai for either the whole of Heian Nidan for me and Palmar to do, or take on 3 or 4 ppl and do crazy stuff from many kata. We will see what happens.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Squash hurts.....

Hmmmm..... I thought i was in a decent shape when it came to moving around fast and starting, stopping... But noooooo..... :-s

After 30 minutes of solo-squash, i was just beat, and for the next 2 days my ass hurt like it was getting paid..... (Looked good but it wasnt happy...)

Ohwell, it was fun, even though i looked like a complete newbie for the first 10 minutes. After that i actually managed to hit the ball more than 2 times in a row, sometimes....... Great workout, though. Fast pulse and great fun.


Sunday, February 12, 2006


10.5 hours of training really did a number on the back of my thighs..... Sooooo worth it, though. If Pat ever is anywhere near where you are, go there and practice. His insights and innovative approaches to bunkaipractice and keriwaza will keep me trying hard for a long time.

I am inspired for a long time now. Gashukos really is one of the best tools to stay excited bout your karate, it keeps it fresh, gives you more understanding and something to strive for in the months to come.

If you missed it this time, make a real effort to be there for the next one and the next one and so on. If you do not, you will miss out on the big benefits of karate and then its just a matter of time before you quit alltogether. (And we cant have that)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


From a reliable source, i have gotten this pic of my stalker... If anyone has additional information, it will be highly appreciated.

Other than that, we will ofcourse keep you all updated on on any and all developments in this disturbing story. Take care, and watch out....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

OMG!! Stalker!!

So famous, sko, that ppl have like started stalking me, skiliru.....

(No, really......) Her is a pic of me made by this crazy Akranes chick..... (tøff)

Stalking is the ultimate form of flattery, i guess, but i am afraid she just sees me as a ticket to get off the island.... (Which wont work, since i am staying...)


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Visit from McCluskey sensei...

On the 10-12 of february the scottish sensei, Pat McCluskey is visiting Iceland. Take me very seriously when i say you dont wanna miss this opportunity to get worldclass shotokan instruction. It is *vital* for your understanding and inspiration to regularly go to trainingcamps like this.

Practical example: My sensei back in Norway has travelled 2 times a year since the early 80-ies to travel with his sensei in England... Talk bout commitment, and the result of this effort is that he now is one of the top senseis of shotokan karate in Europe. There might have been times when he was sick of it, or needed to spend time with his family, but knowing how important this was for his development, he never took a break.

I have trained with McCluskey sensei a couple of times before and i have been thrilled each and every time. This guy is great at teaching, will give you a good explanation, a fun workout and i would be very surprised if you find a way of coming out of his class without being inspired. He is now coming to a place where you guys have less than 50 minutes of traveltime and a cost that is infinitly small, compared to the potential reaward. Dont let this amazing opportunity pass you by. I *know* i wont.

To the seniors: If there is room for you in the lowergraded class, i suggest you ask if its ok to join in there, too, if you have the time and energy.

Regarding schedule and prices, look on your clubs webpage.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Skoh, Sporthusid is like... like supersvalt, thusst. Its like.... OMG, skilirud.

Will get in shape now, this is gonna be awesome. Karate training is the most fun one can have with clothes on, but if you have more energy after training, then i totally recommend some extra workouts. Weights for strength, running or bicycling for aerobic capability and some stretching outside of regular classes can only help your health and your karate. (I am thinking in *addition* to your karate, though)

Furthermore, i need somebody to play squash with (skvass, in your funny language....) But since i am only average at it and hate to lose, you have to wait a while if you are good at it.... ;-) I am totally available during the day before 1400 and saturday afternoon or sunday afternoon/night. Gimme a beep and lets boogie (Or whatver its called...)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Funky feeling....

It is the strangest feeling to see yourself on billboards..... :-s

I try to rationalise by saying to myself: "Its only a picture"....
Doesnt work.... When i drive past the umptenth billboard
with my yokogeri on it, i get two feelings. One, i am half
embarrased and two; WOW, its COOL!!

Other than that, i have to add that Skyr actually is cool.
Blend it with some fruit, crushed ice, a bit of milk and
suddenly its the coolest healthy drink ever.



Einars sidekick in the paper with the biggest circulation in Iceland....

Check out page 9, and the excessive leaning is cause of the
photographer. (He wanted me to do that for the look of it)

There is also posters out there, i have been told, and we will
ofcourse feature picture of those here shortly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006