Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vacation, weather and some random thoughts..

Tomorrow morning i am off for some good weather.....


I love being in Iceland, love the fact that i teach karate for a living, and the fact that icelanders are supernice. (Even though their language is wrong...)

Thanks for making me feel welcome. Looking forward to return shortly.

Then some karate-thoughts:

Tension is not helping your technique. Make an effort to be on time. Dont ask me bout opening the windows cause i am freezing and my hip is bad already. (Lets put a bag in the door if the airquality is poor) Welcome visitors, that way you get more partners and i put more effort into teaching a class of 20 than if we are only 5. They will also return the favour, i am sure. Remember the stuff i taught so we can move on. Listen to what i tell the others and then concentrate on the same issues. I can only guide you in the right direction; What you must bring to it is your full concentration and max effort, both mentally and physically.

Reading the above chapter it looks like i am all down on this experience, but i am not. I am just passionate about your progress. Sometime i actually think that my desire for you to get a black belt is even bigger than yours. I think this is because of all the great stuff that has happened for me as a result of training karate-do.

Thanks for a great spring season, folks, and lets keep pushing hard.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

New York (and somemorestuff)

WOW!! (Yeah, i know i should update more often....)

After spending 8 days in the big apple, i now have a new fav city in the world. Very, very exciting place. Training with Richard Amos sensei in an almost private setting also makes for very detailed feedback (and very sweaty norwegians.....) We were 6 this year, and there is no way i am not making this a yearly event. Next year, though, some of you icelandic high grades needs to join in.

We were very unlucky with the weather, though. :-( (It rained more on the weekend i was there than the monthly average of june.....) But nothing could stop me smiling since i got to see Stomp and a tiny off Broadway-show called Bush is Bad. Furthermore, the prettiest store in the world is on 59 and 3rd..... Its an Apple-store, and it was sooo "beeeeeep" amazing. (Even i almost wanted an iMac or an iPod....!!!!)

Then i flew home to make it to Kato senseis gashuko at Laugarvatn. Good training, questionable food, and i cant wait until the 2 "mediumsized" sugarburners are past the "Lets make noise cause we are HYPED!!!!!"......... ;-) (Thanks a lot for remebering my birthday, btw)

All in all, it has been an exciting last couple of weeks. Now i am looking forward to first time in Iceland on their national holiday. I have no idea what to expect but will post some comparison with the big norwegian day. (And i also pledge to make updates here atleast a bimonthly thing)