Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Our bi-annual gashuko in the sun is coming up shortly and i am very excited now.

Not only are we going to place that looks greener and more fab than Calpe, but this time we also have imported a worldclass teacher. NO!!!!! *TWO* worldclass teachers!!! :3D

Most of you guys met Richard Amos sensei last november and probably understood very well why i have travelled to train with him many times. This time he also brings the technical director of his organization. Steve Ubl sensei trained with Nakayama sensei in the early 70-ies. Ubl sensei is creating quite a buzz among the people who has trained with him, so i cant wait for this opportunity to train with the guy that i have heard described as "probably Nakayama sensei`s best student, ever..." - High praise coming from a japanese karate-instructor........(!!!)

This gashuko will also have visitors from as far away as Tanzania, California and Norway..... And for the first time, we will have a separate dangrade class. Exciting times, indeed. And for all the kyugrades: Keep the pedal to the metal and join in the dangrade class as soon as possible. Room for anyone at the top that is willing to do the work required.....

I am off a week early to get a fab tan and to train with an italian group in Trieste....


Monday, May 21, 2007


Yeah, my new apartment is shaping up. Thanks to my extreme interior decorating skills i am dazzled with my layout of it all. And the new shelf...... Very impressive indeed. I enlisted Maggi to help me install it to perfection and it turned out perfectly. However, its the last time anyone should make anything from scratch. (The price of not shopping at Ikea is rather obvious, and we all question how they can make money with their great prices)

And now onto the more pressing issue...... (I am running out of dishes...... hihi) So, if u know anyone that can be trusted to install a dishwasher, i am all ears.... It needs to have the hoses routed through some cupboards and connected to the water in and out under the sink.