Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why do I teach karate?

Hmmm... a very interesting question was asked yesterday... "Are you there for you students or are they there for you?" - hmm..... I guess my answer is that I am there for them 100% if they wanna learn what I teach. If they don't wanna learn what I teach then I can't and won't change.

This is of course not a business decision, but one made on the basis of passion. It has also evolved into this because of how I approach learning a skill for myself. I seek out someone that have done what I wanna learn and then I model them as best I can. (Meaning; I don't go to the car-mechanic in the hope that he will teach me to cook)

That said; I teach karate cause it is the one thing that has had the single biggest positive impact on my life. It has changed everything since I was 14 and I will keep struggling to improve with a karate spirit until I die. My dream is that I can help as many people as possible to have a similar positive experience like I have had.