Thursday, January 27, 2011

Workoutgear for sale.

Hi guys; this is mainly to my icelandic following so feel free to wander along if you read this from overseas.

As many of you have heard, I am hugely impressed with the benefits of suspension training and regarding that I am happy to announce that I can get you a TRX-Propack (new in box with book and DVD) for the very happy price of only 14.000 isk.

And for those that wonder about if its any good or worth the price: Men's Health magazine voted it workout-gear of the year and it is being sold in stores in Iceland for close to 40.000..... For examples of how it is used I recommend heading over to youtube.

Another strengthening tool available is kettlebells. Great for an all body functional workout and the price through my dealer is so good that we can't put it online, but send me a message for details. (really, you will be surprised) 6kg to 32kg available.

Don't hesitate, cause i predict that this batch will be sold out in not too long.