Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Seniors class...

In my opinion: Shotokan could be doing better in Iceland than we are at the moment. I think there is many talented seniors, but since we dont practice much together, more people get frustrated and quit at brown/black belt level than i think we should be happy with

My solution: A class being taught on a rotating basis by the dangrades. (And when not teaching, we ofcourse join in) Acceptance into this class would be either 1st kyu or by invitation and if in the class, we should be showing up regularly. (Meaning that a sitcom on tv is not a good reason to skip it... Tape the show and see it afterwards....)

Seeing as most of the potential people for this class either teach or train in their own club during the week, my suggestion is that we try to get something going on sunday afternoon/night and cancel the class only for trainingcamps (where all of us should be training, anyway)

A biweekly class isnt much of an addition to our schedule, but i think the benefit in different ideas, training methods and more insights into higher level training than we see on a regular basis, will be a big boost. Not just for the attendees, but for the 4 different clubs when we return full of enthusiasm.

Consider this as an open invitation and lets see if we can all come together for the benefit of everybody. When we have a group of more than 10 that is willing to commit to showing up, we find a place and set it in motion.

So far i have a positive answer from Helgi, Åsa and Bjørg. Help me spread this link and lets see some new names in the comments-section.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Halfmarathon and karatestuff....

Weeeee!!!! I finished my first halfmarathon!!!! (Beaten by an 75 year-old, but thats not the point...) Congratulations to everyone that surprised themselves by doing better than they thought they could. For next year, i suggest we get in better shape and go for the next longer distance.

The fall-season is upon us, and for the eager karate-people there will be ample opportunity to improve. Gunni is hosting Koike sensei in september and probably Kato sensei in november. Also in november: For the first time in Iceland........ (brrrrrr...... (drumroll)) Richard Amos sensei will be visiting our cozy little tropical island....... PARTY!!!! So, 24th-26th of november..... Make sure you dont have other plans..... (there will also be food on saturday night and Blue Lagoon on the sunday, so find your happyface and lets boogie!!)


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New look.

As is getting to be easier to edit these days, my blog will probably look different in the weeks to come, until i find a look that i really like. Feel free to comment on good and bad stuff in the process.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I feel karateka should strive to be stronger and faster than yesterday, last month or last year. I further feel that lackluster behaviour only will backfire on yourself. So when the subject of the Reykjavik marathon came up this week, me and the extremely positive Eythor decided that we do a halfmarathon this year and a full marathon next year........

Anyway, here is the challenge: I think that all of you guys can do 10 km if you just set your heart to it..... Then halfmarathon next year, sounds like a good goal to get healthier and will also provide you with more aerobic training (which karate really dont give us enough of)

Impress me by showing up and finishing the 10 km, 21 km or if you already are a superman: 42 km. (Thats right, the 3 km is not a challenge and therefore dont count.... ;-) )

So far, Eythor and me are doing the 21km and Åsa, Gusta and Jon Andri is doing the 10km. Leave a note in my comments about which distance you are doing and spread the word. Sign up at

Gay Pride

Downtown today was a massive crowd, most everybody smiling and rainbow-coloured stuff everywhere. Gave me hope for mankind, after all. Why on earth shouldnt everyone be allowed to be themselves without being shamed for being different? I think people should be less afraid to show who they are and the rest should be less judgemental.

For christmas i want a rainbow button that says Virðing and a pink t-shirt that says: Sorry boys, i am straight.



Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SUMMER!!! (Finally its here.......)

WOW, how much i like the sun and warm weather!!!!! Gives you icelanders a clue how much i like being here and teaching you all, since i put up with your crazy weather..... (hihi)

Other than that; Laugarvatn was fun, Birkir blew bubbles and the foodperson had been swapped with a woman that actually could cook....(!!!) Other than that, not much is going on these days...

YEAH, WAIT!!! I have bought two new guitars on ebay!!! One 7-string electric that sounds all evil and one 12-string that sounds like a whole orchestra. Very happy. Ebay is sooo the place to shop. Wouldnt have had the money to buy these in Iceland, and really makes shipping a breeze, too. (i sound like a commercial, so i better sign off now)