Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Seniors class...

In my opinion: Shotokan could be doing better in Iceland than we are at the moment. I think there is many talented seniors, but since we dont practice much together, more people get frustrated and quit at brown/black belt level than i think we should be happy with

My solution: A class being taught on a rotating basis by the dangrades. (And when not teaching, we ofcourse join in) Acceptance into this class would be either 1st kyu or by invitation and if in the class, we should be showing up regularly. (Meaning that a sitcom on tv is not a good reason to skip it... Tape the show and see it afterwards....)

Seeing as most of the potential people for this class either teach or train in their own club during the week, my suggestion is that we try to get something going on sunday afternoon/night and cancel the class only for trainingcamps (where all of us should be training, anyway)

A biweekly class isnt much of an addition to our schedule, but i think the benefit in different ideas, training methods and more insights into higher level training than we see on a regular basis, will be a big boost. Not just for the attendees, but for the 4 different clubs when we return full of enthusiasm.

Consider this as an open invitation and lets see if we can all come together for the benefit of everybody. When we have a group of more than 10 that is willing to commit to showing up, we find a place and set it in motion.

So far i have a positive answer from Helgi, Åsa and Bjørg. Help me spread this link and lets see some new names in the comments-section.



Þórhildur said...

Hæhæ you were right it's so great in practises here in Norway and the teacher is so cool don't be sad because it's your old sensei Øyvind Weberg and he's good, there are practice here every day except saturdays and sundays so I think I will get in very good shape;) and yes sensei Øyvind said hi. Say hi to everybody from me and don't be of vondur hehe.

Einar Hagen said...

Glad you like it. Say hi to the guys from me. Even though i trained some time in Ås, my previous sensei is from the other part of the country, though.


And shouldnt you be blogging over there and take some pictures and stuff?

Þórhildur said...

I'm blogging alout now anyway I will say hi to the guys and take a camera with me on next practise;)

Tomm said...

I am game. Sound cool and I would like to practis more then I do at the moment.

Einar Hagen said...

Cool, then we are 5 and counting. I am sure we will get this ball rolling big enough, and when we get the training going, we will have so much fun that the others really wanna join us.


WE, the others said...

issssssss!! WE, the others dont wanna be in these classes ;-)!! It wont be any fun untill WE, the others can train in these classes :-D!!

Dísa Skvísa said...

OK, sounds good, I will join in as I can but not instructing.
Live in peace.

Einar Hagen said...

Mr Bubbles is all up for it, and is gonna promote the idea at Thorshamar. I also have semicommited answers from Eythor and Palmar.

It seems we will get his up and going in not too long, i hope.