Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SUMMER!!! (Finally its here.......)

WOW, how much i like the sun and warm weather!!!!! Gives you icelanders a clue how much i like being here and teaching you all, since i put up with your crazy weather..... (hihi)

Other than that; Laugarvatn was fun, Birkir blew bubbles and the foodperson had been swapped with a woman that actually could cook....(!!!) Other than that, not much is going on these days...

YEAH, WAIT!!! I have bought two new guitars on ebay!!! One 7-string electric that sounds all evil and one 12-string that sounds like a whole orchestra. Very happy. Ebay is sooo the place to shop. Wouldnt have had the money to buy these in Iceland, and really makes shipping a breeze, too. (i sound like a commercial, so i better sign off now)



Disasaurous said...


Disasaurous said...


Disasaurous said...

those are both very exciting things.

Einar Hagen said...

And where are the comments from the rest of you guys? (I know that there is more than the sugar-eaters reading these pages...)


Ninja said...

Its a good thing that u r happy here in this weatherdisaster land of wind and rain!!
Everybody should switch their phones off 4 the next 2 weeks while Ása is sunbathing in Calpe so they wont get msg about the heat there.....!!
Laugarvatn was good in many ways and the person that was cooking there really knew what she was doing :-)!!

Dont like trainingbreaks said...

6 day break from karatetrainings r EVIL!!

Birkir said...

I didn't take any bubble pictures.

Bit Pictures of Sensei and his minions on laugarvatn are on the evil page of the hidden haito style