Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November - 06

So...... What happened?

KAK became the best club in the Icelandic kumite-championship.
Disa broke her nose and won the IM for small people.
Gunni lost it (and his chair.....)
Temp fell to way too low.
Window broke in my car for no good reason.
Kato sensei had a great gashuko at Haukar.
Amos sensei visits Iceland for the first time, ever.
Big bunch of people is going to the 3 frakkar and Blue Lagoon.

Even though the month isnt over, i think it will be seen as a good one.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Here is a link to some exciting stuff from Karate no Michi - World Federation: http://kwf.jp/eng/archive.html Yahara sensei is 59 years old in this footage..... He is also one of the biggest inspirators of Richard Amos sensei that comes here in less than 3 weeks.... (Yes, i will keep telling you to show up.......)

And if you still have more time to spend online, then Scott Langley (another westerner that have completed the JKS instructor course) have some good kata-stuff on http://www.thejks.com/pages/kata.htm

Feel free to link to other videos in the comments-section.