Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November - 06

So...... What happened?

KAK became the best club in the Icelandic kumite-championship.
Disa broke her nose and won the IM for small people.
Gunni lost it (and his chair.....)
Temp fell to way too low.
Window broke in my car for no good reason.
Kato sensei had a great gashuko at Haukar.
Amos sensei visits Iceland for the first time, ever.
Big bunch of people is going to the 3 frakkar and Blue Lagoon.

Even though the month isnt over, i think it will be seen as a good one.


dobus said...

HEY! im big. :@

Einar Hagen said...

hihi.... (A) Ooook..... ;-)

Female or male or female or male said...

HEY!! Why dont u talk specially about the mature females from KAK that made u (and us :-D) look very, very good by getting points so KAK won the Icelandic championship?? We should get much much much more space in your blogg :-D!! But we know that deep in your heart we r your favorites (A)!! Ni ni ni ni ni niiiiiiiiiiii

Ása said...


Bylgja said...
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Bylgja said...

Disa broke her nose. Even though the month isnt over, i think it will be seen as a good one

Strange I must say ;)

Eythor said...

Yebb, Disa Broke her nose....Gunni Lost it.....car window broke......temp fell........and this is a good month!!!!!! I dont wanna know how bad month is for this Norwegian Dude. He is VERY strange.

Einar Hagen said...

U guys need to look for the silver lining..... So she broke her nose, big deal..... She became ice-champ, way makes up for any discomfort, i am sure. Then 2 gashukos in 2 weeks..... Nothing can fuck up a month that has that in it.....?


Bylgja said...

SILVER LINING...is that the grey thing in your hair??

Einar Hagen said...

There is nothing grey in my hair..... (rrrrrr....)


(I think her eyes r fading due to impressive age.....)


Bylgja said...

thank you :) IMPRESSIVE AGE... sounds hot

Vera said...

This month has indeed been totally weird but cool! November is the best month of the year I must say :D

dobus said...

i sense you people talking about the awesome girl known as disa. ^^ lol ownage.

lol Einar has grey hair.
L O L. (A)


Anonymous said...


Ok.. this is just sad.. some people need to get a life !

Anonymous said...


weebl is hot