Monday, March 27, 2006

Back from Sweden

After an eventful weekend we are all back in the freezing cold.... Landed on Keflavik yesterday at 1600 and it looked like the same weather as in Sweden, but it was so cold that me and Danni almost froz to death looking for the car in the parkinglot..... Good thing we were of viking-descent or it could have gone really bad.

Anyway, Swedentrip cronologically:

1. Wake up after 1.5 hour sleep (I never can sleep when i am gonna travel)
2. Get happy Bjørg and tired Danni
3. Drive to Keflavik
4. Listen to the new and evil Bjørg (Lets talk slowly to the goju-people)
5. Meet the sleepy crowd at 0600
6. Check in
7. Listen to Gusta lay down a kissing-ban on the trip.
8. Shop
9. Get video of Bjørg going crazy....
10. Watch Gusta get "flightready"..... (She is funny....)
11. Fly in great weather and see lots of cool nature.
12. Land at Arlanda (with a crazy pilot)
13. Taxi to hotel (which icelanders described as so "homy", that the didnt need shoes)
14. Check out downtown Stockholm (Pretty buildings, painful knee)
15. Girls went shopping, boys waited..... (a lot...)
16. Åsa has had too much Powerade..... (again...)
17. Pizza restaurant
18. Sauna and socializing
19. Very tired, sleep.
20. Saturday: Breakfast, walk to competition, register, get info and get rocking.
21. Incredibly well organised competition with 570 contestants. Not a glitch anywhere. Wow.
22. Girls are officially into foreigners..... Germany, England, Norway..... (A)
23. Back to hotel, out for chinesefood.
24. Sensible people go to sleep at around 0100 and less than sane people have too much Powerade and stays up to about 0700......
25. Breakfast, packing, taxi to Arlanda, nice flight home. Congrats to Gusta for flying without getting excessivly funny. (Now u see you can fly without getting very worried.
26. Taxfree in Iceland is way cheaper than abroad so delay shopping until u get here.

Almost forgot a couple of important points: Gunni knows a short and rare version of Empi.... And somebody should tell icelanders to wear shoes in the hotel..... (Or atleast clothes....)

Anyway, thanks to Gunni, Gusta, Andri, Anton, Heida, Dagny, Kristjan, Isak, Danni, Åsa, Tommi and Bjørg for making this a fun weekend. You all saw some amazing kata and know what to do to improve upon this years performance in 2007.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Even later update....

So, internet back on at my place, life is good again....

Since last time, me and Palmar had a demo at the junior national katachampionship. (I won, but will admit it was a bit rigged....) We did 8 sequences from Heian Nidan outlining all the techniques of the kata in a slightly creative way. (Palmar showed the world that they did not miss a new Jack Nicholson.... (Acting-skills-joke) But other than that he did a great job.

Regarding results: KAK cleaned up, bigtime, with Breidablik coming in second place. Very good effort considering how things have been going in earlier years. Congratulations to all the participants.

More competitions..... (No, I am NOT turning into a coach, no matter what you say, though....) Åsa, Dagny, Heida, Danni, Bjørg, Gusta, Tommi and me + Gunni and Isak from Haukar and Andri from KFR is going to Sweden for a giant competition in about a week. Should make for a fun weekend. :-)

(And i promise to update more often.......)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Late update...

Been busy last week, and internet at my home is down, so this update is a bit late.....

Since last post i have slaugthered Arna in squash (even though she played with both hands....) Also played with Palmar, and no pain this time, so maybe i am soon ready to do an hour after all.

Teen-championship in kata is coming up on sunday, and i have been tricked into having a demo. Planning to see if i can come up with some bunkai for either the whole of Heian Nidan for me and Palmar to do, or take on 3 or 4 ppl and do crazy stuff from many kata. We will see what happens.