Tuesday, August 21, 2007





It really was a fabulous experience. The weather was perfect, the crowds were cheering us on and even though i was in pain for the latter stages, it was not as bad as last year when i only did half the distance. My Nikken Kenkotherm kneesupports did their job with my knees, my Polar A5 pulsegauge helped to make sure i didnt run too fast and the Powerade supplied by the organisers was very welcome.

I am adding a link to the best running resources i have found online after posting this, btw. Seeing as karate is not so super for aerobic workouts, you might wanna invest in some good shoes, a pulsegauge and then get out there a couple of times a week. Just as a healthy supplement, you know. If you keep your heartrate in the aerobic zone (for me 130 to 155 beats pr minute) then its not gonna be all that painful. (I used to hate running) Now that i dont run too fast anymore, i really love it. (Yes, i walked quite a bit in the marathon, but when i finished, that didnt matter at all)

In the last couple of kilometers, i tried to think back and compare this experience with other milestones in my life and could not come up with many that made me prouder. Shodan was a big thing for me cause i was mainly just a kid with only karate in my life at the time, but my other dangrades dont compare to the elation i felt when finishing my first, but definatly not last marathon.

Goal for next year: Laugarveginn (50km in very scenic nature, Reykjavik Marathon and a couple of halfmarathons in less than 2 hours. Eventually i will do a triathlon, but i have not set a date for that yet. Judging by how incredible i felt on saturday, its gonna rock even more than Pantera.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, its that time of year again..... Last year i was not prepared for more than 10 km of the Reykjavik Marathon, but struggled through 21 km and was very happy with the fact that i managed. This year i am slightly better prepared (i think), but i always had a dream of doing the full marathon distance....... (Actually, my dream is the Ironman in some fancy place, but thats a year or three away)

So, if the weather is cooperating, the body feels good and my general outlook on life is good, then i just might try to struggle through the whole race this time. I dont care at all what kind of time i will get, so if i do it, it will be starting at 0800 and just trying to make sure that i get to the finish in time, before everyone goes home.... hihi.....

And why, you may ask..... To prove that i can and to hopefully inspire somebody to reach a bit higher than usual and demand more from themselves in the process. Good luck to all the participants.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Private karateclasses

I have time available during the day in the week or in the afternoon on sundays, and have decided to offer private tuition. Your subject and you decide when we meet and i help to point your karate in the right direction. For now the price will be 3000 kr per hour, but this may have to be adjusted in the future, according to my energy-level and available time.

In my opinion this seems like a good idea, every now and then to keep on track and to know what to change and how to improve. One on one instruction for an hour will give you a better feedback than is available in a group setting. Furthermore, i think that it will be beneficial in terms of working *your* weakest point so that your next grading will go smoothly and more importantly; to weed out bad habits that may potentially hurt you in the long run.