Friday, April 28, 2006

Einar in London

Arrived Keflavik, checked in
Went through security
Thought i had lost my credicards
Freaked out, freaked out alot, found cards
Met Isak in dutyfree shop
Landed on time at Stanstead
Went by train and tube to Piccadilly Backpackers (12£ for a bed...)
Slept, had very bad breakfast
Tube, train and taxi to Windsor
No idea when training starts, but both me and Isak made it
3 hour of zukiwasa for the sandan and above group....
Indianfood... :p
Early night at my great singleroom with net and cabletv :p
Legs tired, worried that i will be very tired after class on sunday
Saturday classes were pretty slow, good thing the grading saved the day...
Sunday; More slow classes, BurgerKing and uneventful flight home.

Then i come home.... THE STALKERS HAVE BEEN AT MY PLACE!!! :O

Balloons everywhere..... All good.


Sunday, April 23, 2006


(I love how icelanders suddenly say its summer, even though its snowing and is colder than in the Antarctica....)

Ohwell, i comfort myself with the idea that i am gonna buy me a Ipod Nano when i go to New York early june.... Speaking of NY... Manhattan looks absolutely awesome, and chances are that i will get to experience a play and a musical or 2. Hopefully the weather is gonna work out so i can roll around on my inline skates and see it all. Promise to bring my camera and be a good boy (for once) an take lots of pictures.

Unless my hotelplans changes, i will be living 100 meters from Times Square, and about 1.5 km from the dojo. Very close to Broadway, Central Park and I CANT WAIT TO GO!!!


5 other norwegians are going, and i am pretty sure that this will be a yearly event for me. Almost private training with the best instructor i have ever met. It is bound to be absolutely awesome. (Weeeeee!!!!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New dangrades!!!


Congratulations to Palmar and Arnar who passed shodan and Eydis who passed nidan this weekend.

Very good job. Remember to keep the pedal to the metal and help the other kyugrades to get to your level. We expect you guys to keep shining as good examples of how this is done.

And to the kyugrades: Passing a dangrade is about attitude. Its about never giving up, not putting yourself down and always step up with a positive and strong feeling. Just basically do your best and concentrate 100% on your learning. Some of you will do outstanding gradings, some will do perfectly fine, but unless you quit, there will also come a time when your grading is not so good. (I expect to fail, sooner or later...) If you find that u do a grading that isnt all there, though, then treat it as a learning experience. If i fail, i will just try harder, and i will pass solidly the next time i try. You guys should also foster that spirit. (end of speach, lets get back 2 the fun stuff....)

From now on i think both KAK and Breidablik will have new dangrades every year....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strange mail....

"Your pictures suck.

Mine are much better.

My kata team is much heavier than yours.

My belly is bigger than yours.

My girlfriend takes better pictures than yours.

My webpage is cooler than yours.

Kveðja Fat Bastard
ps. I forgot to mention that my style is better than yours and has it's
own domain with the link to the better
pictures taken by the better girlfriend.............
pps. The link to the pictures is at the bottom of the page.
ppps. If you think you girlfriend is better than mine send bikini
pictures and I will think about it."

If anyone can be helpful and make sure the "Fat Bastard" - dude gets to the gashuko this weekend, that would be appreciated....... And there is not enough pics of the people from the two best clubs in the pics your girlfriend took.....

(She *IS* hot, though, i give u that......)


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Icelandic Championship in kata.

It seems like the slightly older juniors still rock...... (Very few of the winners were less than 30 years old....)

Congrats to Helgi and Eydis, and i would like to add that the scyri guy seems to b doing an ok job.... Breidablik and Karatefelag Akranes was the first and second best clubs. Very, very cool.

Pictures on and on