Sunday, April 02, 2006

Icelandic Championship in kata.

It seems like the slightly older juniors still rock...... (Very few of the winners were less than 30 years old....)

Congrats to Helgi and Eydis, and i would like to add that the scyri guy seems to b doing an ok job.... Breidablik and Karatefelag Akranes was the first and second best clubs. Very, very cool.

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Disasaurous said...

.. but you're only 19 and some months.. right?!! hmmmm. ;)

Einar Hagen said...

Yeah, i dont get older, only better.......


Disasaurous said...

Right, of course.

ása said...

weeeee im very proud of you :D

you're a lazy blogger :s

Disasaurous said...

He's a very lazy blogger.. You and i should give him some blogging lessons.

Lesson one: mention your favourite peoples' named in your posts..
(:cough: Disa :cough: Asa :cough:)

Lesson two: Link the links :O

Lesson three: pretty pictures are always snazzy.

Lesson four: i rock.. (oh wait, wrong subject ;] )

Good, i hope you took your notes. Test on friday. Failing students will have to report to my office. That'll be all. ;)