Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strange mail....

"Your pictures suck.

Mine are much better.

My kata team is much heavier than yours.

My belly is bigger than yours.

My girlfriend takes better pictures than yours.

My webpage is cooler than yours.

Kveðja Fat Bastard
ps. I forgot to mention that my style is better than yours and has it's
own domain http://hiddenhaitostyle.com with the link to the better
pictures taken by the better girlfriend.............
pps. The link to the pictures is at the bottom of the page.
ppps. If you think you girlfriend is better than mine send bikini
pictures and I will think about it."

If anyone can be helpful and make sure the "Fat Bastard" - dude gets to the gashuko this weekend, that would be appreciated....... And there is not enough pics of the people from the two best clubs in the pics your girlfriend took.....

(She *IS* hot, though, i give u that......)



Disasaurous said...

1. His pics suck. What are you an art critic? I doubt it.

2. Since your kata team is so "heavy" how come Breiðablik was in first and second, think about it.

3. Your belly is bigger, sure that's something you should be proud of.

4. Your girlfriend takes better pics, what does she have do to with it?

5. I hate to break it do you but your webpage kinda sucks.

(by the way your girlfriend is fine as hell)


(but of course the perfect grammar/spelling is sooooo Disa x100000000 ;) k, bye.)

Einar Hagen said...

I think somebody didnt get the fat bastards humour.... But, i will introduce them to each other this weekend, so they can discuss it....