Friday, April 28, 2006

Einar in London

Arrived Keflavik, checked in
Went through security
Thought i had lost my credicards
Freaked out, freaked out alot, found cards
Met Isak in dutyfree shop
Landed on time at Stanstead
Went by train and tube to Piccadilly Backpackers (12£ for a bed...)
Slept, had very bad breakfast
Tube, train and taxi to Windsor
No idea when training starts, but both me and Isak made it
3 hour of zukiwasa for the sandan and above group....
Indianfood... :p
Early night at my great singleroom with net and cabletv :p
Legs tired, worried that i will be very tired after class on sunday
Saturday classes were pretty slow, good thing the grading saved the day...
Sunday; More slow classes, BurgerKing and uneventful flight home.

Then i come home.... THE STALKERS HAVE BEEN AT MY PLACE!!! :O

Balloons everywhere..... All good.



Disasaurous said...

Ew. english breakfast, Not cool.
I can't believe you didn't have sushi. ^^ Silly, they have pretty-okay sushi in el london-o

-shifty eyes- stalkers? :O!!
Detective Disa is on the case
-waits at bus stop- ;P (hehe)

Congrats on yodan. Very proud of course. My little Einar is just growing up so fast. -tears- wahhhhh. COUGH:COUGH

;) :*

ása said...

and then you got one crazy big hug from your ása-sho when you came on praractice and after that you had one even bigger group-hug from all the cool ppl who don't put trash into others houses, they just leave a mark in your heart *cheesy* hihihihihi

ah i love hugs, somebody should grade more often so i can get money for hugging ppl :D

i hate tests.