Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The monk who sold his Ferrari

Time to read this book again. Robin Sharmas epic book about personal growth really shook me up the first time around, and i hae complete faith that it will again. We have one life to live, lets make the most of it. (Its either that or settle for mediocrity)

And for some karate-twist: Amos sensei have said many times that if we practice something in the wrong way, then it will take many repetitions to "unlearn" this action. I fully believe this to be the case, and urge therefore everyone to look at the fundamentals of what they are doing, and see if they are sound. If not, then maybe change em? I know i will.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


As most people may have noticed, the icelandic economy is in a bit of a pickle.... I will not pretend to be understanding the whys and hows, but it sure makes it less fun to be shopping when the krona is getting less and less worth in relation to the €/$/£ or the cool original krona... (norwegian currency... ;) )

My friends will probably suggest that i like electronic gadgets and buying them in foreignia always was the way to go. As of now though, i will settle for posting my frustrations here and wait for things to recover, so that i eventually may shop again.


And if Santa reads my blog (hihi)...... here is my list of planned purchases:

Hirota #163 custom karate-suit
Ear Force X4 headphones for my Xbox 360
Red 2 GB Ipod Shuffle for working out
Ipod Classic for the car
Flip Mino HD with custom faceplate
Logitech Harmony 1000 remote
24" monitor for my PC
Smallish but powerful laptop
42" LCD with wall-mount

Some of these does seem a bit overzealous, i agree, but a new karate-suit and the X4 headset seems very important. I need to find a way of getting those here in not too long.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


Geirrun told me to post this this pic on my blog....

What, you want proof? Ok, below is a direct quote:

Geirrún - says (22:26):
come on, post it on your blog!

Done :-)

Friday, October 31, 2008


How fit is fit enough? Good question, i suppose, and one that each for himself must make up his own mind about.

That said; I think people who aspire to be good at karate (or just concerned bout your health) should strive for an above average level of fitness. Which in turn means that being totally winded from doing 5 minutes of jogging or only being able to do 2.5 pushups and 7 situps is not really great....

I stumbled over a couple of webpages that will over the course of the next 6 months cut my weight to a level it has not been at since 1992...

Physicsdiet (link on the right) keeps me aware of how much i eat because i log my weight there every morning. Been doing this for 3 weeks now and although i still eat lots of "bad" food, i am totally in the process of getting to my goalweight in time. The most interesting thing for me is that its scientific in its approach and it will log trends way before we see them in the mirror. Feel free to keep track of my progress http://physicsdiet.com/Public.aspx?u=Einar

Another web i have found inspirational is this: http://www.caloriesperhour.com/index_loss.php Coupled with the data one gets from physicsdiet.com the three weightloss calculators on this page really helped me to make a plan.

For those that like me struggle with a few extra kilos, i recommend testing this. Get a decent quality scale that also records your % of fat and start logging. I am convinced you will start moving towards your happy-weight faster than you think. (And although this post was mainly on weightloss; physicsdiet can ofcourse also be used to keep track of gaining weight)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pushups... Challenge.... :-)

I have decided to follow this program and see what kind of results i can get in 6-8 weeks. Wanna join me and compare notes on our progress? :-)

Three times a week aint all that big of a commitment, and i think pushups is a good excercise for general strengthening of parts of the body we do not train enough in "regular" karate-classes. (Not in mine anyway, since i am more into the "three k's")

And for the sake of some peer pressure; my initial test ended at 22 good-form pushups. (yeah, i can fake 70 bad ones, but lets be honest with ourselves and see what happens over the course of the program)



Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Browser!!

WOHOOO!!!! Apparently Google is gonna release a new internet-browser....
And judging by how much i like Gmail, Google Earth, Google Search and so on....


Look out for the Google Chrome Beta. :-p

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy blogger.... (and my 3rd RRoD...... :@ )

Lat blogger, latur bloggari...... (add more translations in the comment-section....)

And besides that; My xbox360 died again..... I might lose count shortly as to how many have become a useless piece of redlight-flashing plastic..... This was my third...... And hopefully Elko still replaces them without any hassle. Furthermore, i hope they dont have any left of the regular version and therefore gives me an Elite tomorrow at 11.00 when the store opens.......


Me: Hi, my xbox has the red ring of death, is it still common?
Her: Yes (smiles, hihi) Let me talk to the manager.
Me: Ok, cool.
Her: He says the repairman will look at it on monday.
Me: Eh, do they get repaired or replaced with this error?
Her: Replaced.....
Me: Well... Maybe plug it in, see the lights and replace it?
Her: I am sorry, i cant make that decision.
Me: Can i maybe talk to the manager?
Her: Sure, wait a minute.
Him: Yes?
Me: Eh, my box has the RRoD, and she says they get replaced?
Him: Yes, but the repairman must look at it.
Me: Whats he gonna look at if they dont repair the RRoD-boxes?
Him: I dont know, he will do it on monday.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Davids last class this time in Iceland...

Thursday at 1830 in the dojo at KAK. I dare the eager city-ppl to show up (og sveitafolkid lika, ad sjalvsøgu) and afterwards we can maybe get some icecream or pizza?


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok, i am officially impressed!!! Found this video on www.vimeo.com and its just a bunch of still-pics strung together to make a video.

1...2...3... from Mariella on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Variations of kata

Hmmm..... I recorded my Heian Godan after class, just to make a point; I dont want to change my karate, so that judges will like it more. My opinion is that kata should be simple and void of added theatrics.

Einar - Heian Godan from Einar Hagen on Vimeo.

I also did Hangetsu today and decided to include it in this post.

Einar - Hangetsu from Einar Hagen on Vimeo.

Now the performance that baffled me into doing this post:

Anyone think he learns karate at the same place Jim Carrey did? Yes, he has crisp techniques and nice kime, but it doesnt inspire me in the least. (If anything, it makes me wanna quit karate to not be associated with this stuff) And if the judges prefer this way, should we change our karate to please them and win trophies?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Elton John - I'm Still Standin'

Wow.... Best trick ever: Tommi gets to do jiyu kumite with Tom Kompier sensei and when senseis ashibarai fails to floor him he says the magic words: "I am still standing"..... He hit the floor 2 seconds later and apparently his chest hurt in a big way afterwards..... I may have giggled alot.... :-D

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Random thoughts bout regret and decisionmaking.

Youth seems to be wasted on the young people. I have one big regret so far in life and thats the fact that i didnt train harder and more when i was younger. Time passes quickly and i feel a strong sense of urgency to make sure that i maximise my potential in the next few years. And to the juniors that wanna be great at karate (or any other skill, for that matter) : Dont inherit my regret, and make sure that you as quickly as possible develop a discipline that will alow you to train more than the average guy (whom by default will have an average level of skill)

Furthermore, dont spend energy being upset with details or tell yourself that you dont measure up. In my opinion: Excellence is a mindset, an attitude that sets the successful people apart from the rest.

Some minor practical points:
(And these are my personal feelings, not some rules or dictates that *you* have to follow)

Dont debate whether to train or not, and then train only when any other option isnt there. Decide to train 2 times a week or 12 times a week and stick to it, since consistency is vital. Push yourself instead of being "nice" to yourself and take a break every time you get slightly tired. Show up atleast 5-10 minutes early to "tighten your mind" and get ready for class. Take care of your partners and try to push and pull them in the direction of stronger, sharper, faster and more decisive karate.

In closing, i have a principle that have helped my karate to the level i am, at that i would like to share with whomever that is still reading. I think of it as the principle of "how bad do i allow myself to be on any given day?" - Yes, we all have bad days, but as i alluded to earlier; real karate, to me, is about spirit of mind and the strength of your resolve. With this thought in the back of my mind anytime i come to the dojo, i leave my other worries outside and never let my physical karate slip beneath 80% of my ultimate ability. This may seem like mumbo-jumbo but i am serious; With that thought in mind i atleast have consistency if not much else.

And in the words of a (semi) old norwegian sensei: "Come to the dojo to train, not to get trained" If i come off as preachy, then i apologise, but to me this is important. I want you guys to get way better than me and i want you to get out of karate all the wonderful things i have gotten.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Roskilde - tickets

Roskilde - tickets heavily discounted for sale by Åsa Katrin. Flight back and forth Iceland + entry to the coolest rockfestival, ever, for almost no monies.....

She has 2 and they go for 40.000 isk each which is superduperlicisously cheap. (Just entry to the festival is 28.000 and the flight is between 30.000 and 35.000 as of today)

The festival-webpage

I was there some years ago, and its a thing that definetly needs to be on everyones list of stuff to do atleast once before they get boring.....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NY - 08

This update is a bit overdue, but hopefully i will remember the highlights anyway.

May 5th: Flying is boring, i realise that the sandals i brought were very smart after all (I almost left them home, since the weather-forecast sounded cold-ish) Made it to the hotel i used last year. Virginia House on 112th and Lexington, its the best option for budget travelers in NY, i think. (50$ for a single room, free internet and a very bad breakfast)

May 6th: First class with the big guys. This year it was only Rune Nilsen and Pål Erik Hansen from Norway, so the private classes was really intense in the amount of personal attention. (Maeda sensei was also there, i wasnt all alone being funsized, though....)

The rest of the days blur together, so i dunno when what happened..... hihi

Highlights: Sunny and warm for the most part, great classes, 10 km run in Central Park, the best burger in the world (it lives on the corner of 2nd avenue and Saint Marks Place), getting 2 tattoes (yes, it was mad painful, but damn they look good), watched a standup-show on Times Square, kumite with Maeda sensei is always great fun, pro pedicure, bought bubblegun and ofc just walking around in the rather large apple. (I also may have had a fresh danish for breakfast and got busted by Richard sensei a block from the dojo.... :-$ )

May 12th: Flying home (really dont like flying) Bought bag of M&M (and finished it the next day)

I should be back next year, it really is a kickass place for a week of intense karate. Would love for a couple of icelanders to join me, though..... Maybe in the fall?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Steve Ubl sensei in Iceland.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. (Ok, i will try to be more detailed...)

I am so grateful for him taking the time to travel from sunny and warm San Diego to teach us. And the visiting students from abroad were also a bit emotional after receiving what only can be described as amazing insights into *real karate*

I am definatly visiting his dojo next year.

Nobody teaches what sensei teaches, so grab any remote chance of training with him. You will not be disappointed, unless you are looking for info that will win you shiny objects. If your are looking for how to get your karate to work, though.... Look no further.

He is coming to the gashuko in Fredrikstad this year.......


Saturday, April 05, 2008


In no particular order:

Gudmundur Kari
Jon Agust

Remember that karate does not end with passing shodan, it starts. Congratulations.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


In my opinion: Its the coolest word out there. I am ever so grateful for being passionate in one area of my life (karate (big surprise)) It gives me tremendous joy to move, struggle to improve and every now and then succeed at something i wasnt able to do earlier. And other times i dont get it at all, but i love the process of striving for excellence, so whether i get there or not doesnt really matter.


And why this topic, you may ask..... Well, i just watched all the auditions for the australian version of the show "So you think you can dance" - and wow!! These guys can *move*!! And still they pour their heart and soul into moving even better. I am officially inspired and so much looking forward to this weekend gashuko. I dont care what we gonna train as long as i get to move and hopefully i will get slightly better. If not, i will settle for the experience and hope that the effort i put into this will help me keep my karate alive-ish into my 40-ies, 50-ies, 60-ies, 70-ies, 80-ies and so on..... (you get the point....)

And to quote my biggest hero: "Live with Passion"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Summer gashuko in Norway

Here is the info i have bout the summercamp in Fredrikstad late june.

5 instructors:
Steve Ubl 7th dan
Aidan Trimble 7th dan
Richard Amos 6th dan
Tom Kompier 5th dan
Scott Langley 5th dan

Kongstenshallen in the sunny city of Fredrikstad, Norway

How to get there from Iceland:
Icelandair to Oslo, Gardermoen
The most convenient flights would be morning-flight on the 25th of june and then home on the 2155 flight on the 29th.

Local trains from the airport to Oslo then the regional train to Fredrikstad is the way to go. Some sightseeing and food in Oslo like we did last year sounds like a plan.

Hotel close to the dojo

We have 15 rooms that fit up to 3, on a first comes - first served basis.

Singleroom 675,-
Double 765,-
Double with extra bed 900,-

All prices in norwegian kr and includes breakfast.

Official poster

Its also possible to camp right next to the dojo:
For more info regarding this option, call:
Harald Knutsen
Phone +47 69320532

Anyone that wanna go should make up their mind and make sure they have the flight-tickets sorted and a space at the hotel.


Monday, February 18, 2008

New gear from Japan?

Measuring for a Shureido coustom do-gi:

2 different models: NW3 or KC10

NW3: Wrinkles a bit, more sound, thinner. Cottonthread on top of a synthetic thread, dries very quickly.

KC10: Does not wrinkle, soft until sweaty and then stiff so it does not stick to legs and arms, very durable. Synthetic material, dries quickly.

I have had both do-gis and will recommend either. If you wanna feel the quality and get a second opinion, then Villi, Disa and me use the NW3, Gusta, Eydis, Jon Andri and Bjørg use the KC10.

Measure on a gi that you really like and add 3-5 cm to your ideal length of jacket, arms and legs.

Supply height, weight, what name you want on the top and pants (if any) and the measurements on this sheet: http://www.karatedo.co.jp/shureido/english/e_order/faxdogi.html

I have included this sheet of measures for reference: http://www.karatedo.co.jp/shureido/english/e-do-obi/e_sizes/size.html

When it comes to custom black belts, the Shureido brand is as good as any and if you want to order one then supply the following details: Width of the belt (4cm, 4.5cm or 5cm), length (if ordering a cottonbelt or a 5cm wide then add 10 cm for the knot of the belt as this will be more extensive due to the thickness of this quality), cottonbelt or satin (satin is shiny and wears out faster), what do you want embroidered on it and with which colour.

Ask me if you want help with any of this, but make sure that the final measurements are what you really want.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am impressed....

The clarity of Richard Amos senseis teaching always impress me. The way everything he does makes logical sense and the way anyone that pays attention can improve their karate in a short time, is amazing. Thank you, sensei.

For me the most poignant point he made this time was: Whats going on in the middle of a technique is way more important than what it looks like after its done. (He of course used way bigger words to explain this....hihi) This concept will definatly pop up in my teachings in the weeks and months to come.

Furthermore im very pleased with having Oddny and Fjølnir (9th kyus) show up this weekend. Too many lowergrades shy away from events like this, and therefore miss out on the most important training available. Others that deserve a mention would be Gusta, Disa, Villi and Edda for doing absolutely all the classes, Åsas mom for knitting the fabulous sweater, Halli for driving sensei and me around when the snow was getting too angry for my cute little car and everyone else that showed up making our gashuko a success.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Satin belts are fun.....

If it were me, I'd be proud too.
Originally uploaded by d0b13
Quality-wise its definatly not like a cottonbelt, but i have to admit that i like the look...... hihi.

This belt is a 1.5 years old and i have used it for about half of the karate that i have been up to in that time. Seems that its not gonna last forever, huh....