Friday, October 31, 2008


How fit is fit enough? Good question, i suppose, and one that each for himself must make up his own mind about.

That said; I think people who aspire to be good at karate (or just concerned bout your health) should strive for an above average level of fitness. Which in turn means that being totally winded from doing 5 minutes of jogging or only being able to do 2.5 pushups and 7 situps is not really great....

I stumbled over a couple of webpages that will over the course of the next 6 months cut my weight to a level it has not been at since 1992...

Physicsdiet (link on the right) keeps me aware of how much i eat because i log my weight there every morning. Been doing this for 3 weeks now and although i still eat lots of "bad" food, i am totally in the process of getting to my goalweight in time. The most interesting thing for me is that its scientific in its approach and it will log trends way before we see them in the mirror. Feel free to keep track of my progress

Another web i have found inspirational is this: Coupled with the data one gets from the three weightloss calculators on this page really helped me to make a plan.

For those that like me struggle with a few extra kilos, i recommend testing this. Get a decent quality scale that also records your % of fat and start logging. I am convinced you will start moving towards your happy-weight faster than you think. (And although this post was mainly on weightloss; physicsdiet can ofcourse also be used to keep track of gaining weight)


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