Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pushups... Challenge.... :-)

I have decided to follow this program and see what kind of results i can get in 6-8 weeks. Wanna join me and compare notes on our progress? :-)

Three times a week aint all that big of a commitment, and i think pushups is a good excercise for general strengthening of parts of the body we do not train enough in "regular" karate-classes. (Not in mine anyway, since i am more into the "three k's")

And for the sake of some peer pressure; my initial test ended at 22 good-form pushups. (yeah, i can fake 70 bad ones, but lets be honest with ourselves and see what happens over the course of the program)



Einar Hagen said...

So, who is up for the challenge?

Post your initial results here for motivation to stay on track. (Cause u wanna get stronger and fitter, right....?)


Brynjar said...

I like the idea, I'm in :D

villi said...

i do three sets of 25 gyaku zuki with tubes each hand, 25 push ups (prober ones i think) 25 sit ups 25 back ups and 30 calf ups ( you know what i mean) twice a week

Einar Hagen said...

Cool guys, lets see what we can accomplish. :-)

How long time does your program take, Villi?

Birkir Indriða said...

Í playstation get ég gert margar margar armbeygjur

Kristján Ó. said...

Are you really more into KKK than pushups!?
It's like comparing old and hairy men with no teeth to supermodels with giant jugs!

And the old men are members of the KKK and the supermodels wear pushups, what are the odds?


Skúli said...

i did 30 in my initial test :D
pretty much for a guy like me i think ;p

Einar Hagen said...

Good job, Skuli. So, for now we have:

Einar (einar)
Einar Thor
Eythor (eythorr)
Arnar (arnar)
Jonas (Jonas)

In paranthesis is the username for the logging-site, so that we can keep track of each others progress (and make sure that i dont stop after 3 weeks.... hihi)

Let me know if i forgot someone.