Thursday, May 22, 2008

Roskilde - tickets

Roskilde - tickets heavily discounted for sale by Åsa Katrin. Flight back and forth Iceland + entry to the coolest rockfestival, ever, for almost no monies.....

She has 2 and they go for 40.000 isk each which is superduperlicisously cheap. (Just entry to the festival is 28.000 and the flight is between 30.000 and 35.000 as of today)

The festival-webpage

I was there some years ago, and its a thing that definetly needs to be on everyones list of stuff to do atleast once before they get boring.....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NY - 08

This update is a bit overdue, but hopefully i will remember the highlights anyway.

May 5th: Flying is boring, i realise that the sandals i brought were very smart after all (I almost left them home, since the weather-forecast sounded cold-ish) Made it to the hotel i used last year. Virginia House on 112th and Lexington, its the best option for budget travelers in NY, i think. (50$ for a single room, free internet and a very bad breakfast)

May 6th: First class with the big guys. This year it was only Rune Nilsen and Pål Erik Hansen from Norway, so the private classes was really intense in the amount of personal attention. (Maeda sensei was also there, i wasnt all alone being funsized, though....)

The rest of the days blur together, so i dunno when what happened..... hihi

Highlights: Sunny and warm for the most part, great classes, 10 km run in Central Park, the best burger in the world (it lives on the corner of 2nd avenue and Saint Marks Place), getting 2 tattoes (yes, it was mad painful, but damn they look good), watched a standup-show on Times Square, kumite with Maeda sensei is always great fun, pro pedicure, bought bubblegun and ofc just walking around in the rather large apple. (I also may have had a fresh danish for breakfast and got busted by Richard sensei a block from the dojo.... :-$ )

May 12th: Flying home (really dont like flying) Bought bag of M&M (and finished it the next day)

I should be back next year, it really is a kickass place for a week of intense karate. Would love for a couple of icelanders to join me, though..... Maybe in the fall?