Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wassup? 2 :-)

So, how do i like Iceland....? (Islandsk spøk..... haha...)
Apparently very well (Mjøg vel....)

I got here 1095 days ago, and have no plans of leaving.....
On 8/2-04, though..... I was lying in my bed, looking at
the ceiling and thinking: What the hell have you done???
I had signed up for 16 weeks of teaching up here, finished
one, and was in very serious pain everywhere. I was trying
to come up with a way i could get get out of the last 15 weeks,
but thats a secret..... (hihi)

Three years later, i think this was the best that could have
happened at the time. I am now half fit again, my karate is
being kept half sharp and things are looking pretty rosy.

Thanks guys for putting up with me and thanks to Andrè
for going home and talking me into coming here. (Now if
somebody just could find that weatherguy and beat him...)