Monday, February 18, 2008

New gear from Japan?

Measuring for a Shureido coustom do-gi:

2 different models: NW3 or KC10

NW3: Wrinkles a bit, more sound, thinner. Cottonthread on top of a synthetic thread, dries very quickly.

KC10: Does not wrinkle, soft until sweaty and then stiff so it does not stick to legs and arms, very durable. Synthetic material, dries quickly.

I have had both do-gis and will recommend either. If you wanna feel the quality and get a second opinion, then Villi, Disa and me use the NW3, Gusta, Eydis, Jon Andri and Bjørg use the KC10.

Measure on a gi that you really like and add 3-5 cm to your ideal length of jacket, arms and legs.

Supply height, weight, what name you want on the top and pants (if any) and the measurements on this sheet:

I have included this sheet of measures for reference:

When it comes to custom black belts, the Shureido brand is as good as any and if you want to order one then supply the following details: Width of the belt (4cm, 4.5cm or 5cm), length (if ordering a cottonbelt or a 5cm wide then add 10 cm for the knot of the belt as this will be more extensive due to the thickness of this quality), cottonbelt or satin (satin is shiny and wears out faster), what do you want embroidered on it and with which colour.

Ask me if you want help with any of this, but make sure that the final measurements are what you really want.