Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Summer gashuko in Norway

Here is the info i have bout the summercamp in Fredrikstad late june.

5 instructors:
Steve Ubl 7th dan
Aidan Trimble 7th dan
Richard Amos 6th dan
Tom Kompier 5th dan
Scott Langley 5th dan

Kongstenshallen in the sunny city of Fredrikstad, Norway

How to get there from Iceland:
Icelandair to Oslo, Gardermoen
The most convenient flights would be morning-flight on the 25th of june and then home on the 2155 flight on the 29th.

Local trains from the airport to Oslo then the regional train to Fredrikstad is the way to go. Some sightseeing and food in Oslo like we did last year sounds like a plan.

Hotel close to the dojo

We have 15 rooms that fit up to 3, on a first comes - first served basis.

Singleroom 675,-
Double 765,-
Double with extra bed 900,-

All prices in norwegian kr and includes breakfast.

Official poster

Its also possible to camp right next to the dojo:
For more info regarding this option, call:
Harald Knutsen
Phone +47 69320532

Anyone that wanna go should make up their mind and make sure they have the flight-tickets sorted and a space at the hotel.


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Anonymous said...

Kampai right back at you Einar San.

Mascari mass mas.

I hope you never loose your Toukon my friend.

Sakesensei "Kumite Judge"