Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy blogger.... (and my 3rd RRoD...... :@ )

Lat blogger, latur bloggari...... (add more translations in the comment-section....)

And besides that; My xbox360 died again..... I might lose count shortly as to how many have become a useless piece of redlight-flashing plastic..... This was my third...... And hopefully Elko still replaces them without any hassle. Furthermore, i hope they dont have any left of the regular version and therefore gives me an Elite tomorrow at 11.00 when the store opens.......


Me: Hi, my xbox has the red ring of death, is it still common?
Her: Yes (smiles, hihi) Let me talk to the manager.
Me: Ok, cool.
Her: He says the repairman will look at it on monday.
Me: Eh, do they get repaired or replaced with this error?
Her: Replaced.....
Me: Well... Maybe plug it in, see the lights and replace it?
Her: I am sorry, i cant make that decision.
Me: Can i maybe talk to the manager?
Her: Sure, wait a minute.
Him: Yes?
Me: Eh, my box has the RRoD, and she says they get replaced?
Him: Yes, but the repairman must look at it.
Me: Whats he gonna look at if they dont repair the RRoD-boxes?
Him: I dont know, he will do it on monday.


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