Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am impressed....

The clarity of Richard Amos senseis teaching always impress me. The way everything he does makes logical sense and the way anyone that pays attention can improve their karate in a short time, is amazing. Thank you, sensei.

For me the most poignant point he made this time was: Whats going on in the middle of a technique is way more important than what it looks like after its done. (He of course used way bigger words to explain this....hihi) This concept will definatly pop up in my teachings in the weeks and months to come.

Furthermore im very pleased with having Oddny and Fjølnir (9th kyus) show up this weekend. Too many lowergrades shy away from events like this, and therefore miss out on the most important training available. Others that deserve a mention would be Gusta, Disa, Villi and Edda for doing absolutely all the classes, Åsas mom for knitting the fabulous sweater, Halli for driving sensei and me around when the snow was getting too angry for my cute little car and everyone else that showed up making our gashuko a success.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Really great training this weekend! Clever and inspiring. I like doing gedan barai, oi-zuki and mae-geri back and forth in class like a robot but I never understand training camps where japanese and western instructors "teach" this (shouting 1,2,3.. .12...34) more or less the entire class. Training camps should be like this weekend!

Lowgrades not attending training camps is, as far I know, very common, but nonetheless a sad story.

...and having a hard time operating my jeep I was getting impressed with your car... I got tricked.
//ari_hultqvist ~a~ yahoo dottur commur