Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New dangrades!!!


Congratulations to Palmar and Arnar who passed shodan and Eydis who passed nidan this weekend.

Very good job. Remember to keep the pedal to the metal and help the other kyugrades to get to your level. We expect you guys to keep shining as good examples of how this is done.

And to the kyugrades: Passing a dangrade is about attitude. Its about never giving up, not putting yourself down and always step up with a positive and strong feeling. Just basically do your best and concentrate 100% on your learning. Some of you will do outstanding gradings, some will do perfectly fine, but unless you quit, there will also come a time when your grading is not so good. (I expect to fail, sooner or later...) If you find that u do a grading that isnt all there, though, then treat it as a learning experience. If i fail, i will just try harder, and i will pass solidly the next time i try. You guys should also foster that spirit. (end of speach, lets get back 2 the fun stuff....)

From now on i think both KAK and Breidablik will have new dangrades every year....


Disasaurous said...


It's hard to be positive [and "not put yourself down"] all the time. Especially when you think everyone is better [and can't punch a fucking red & black pad-thingy. -frustration-] Hrmpf. [Oh well..i'll get it sooner or later] :) I'll just keep my spirit, attutide and practicing up and maybe by 2009 i'll be able to make it to shodan level..
[-counts gradings-..hehe] i really hope so. :)

(..and it's spelled speech. Haha. Sorry i had say that) (A)

Einar Hagen said...

"sorry i had say that"..... HAHA!!


Disasaurous said...

Haha oopsy. I blame the keyboard. No, wait. I blame you. Cause' ummmm your spelling threw off my (normally perfect) grammar.

Yeah, that's it.
I win.

ása said...

u guys are both weird..

Disasaurous said...

Nope, I'm Disa and he's Einar. Nice to meet you.