Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Weeeeeee!!!! Pretty lights everywhere, days off sounds good (even though i know i will get bored) and to finish it all off, i cant wait for new years eve!!!! Icelanders go completly bananas (again), so the fireworks is really out of this world. (Niiiice, i liiiike......)

And regarding my passion: Gradings coming up, and i am confident people will do well. The gashuko with Richard Amos sensei was a huge success and the chances of him returning some time looks pretty good, too. Him and the WTKO technical director, Steve Ubl sensei, is joining us in Italy next summer. Gonna be *the* european event of the year.

All in all, things are pretty niiiice.


Ninja said...

:-O!! I thought u didnt like many days off but ohwell..... things change when ppl get older (hihi)

Einar Hagen said...

Days off look very good from a distance. More than 2 in a row gets me very restless irl, though.

dobus. ^^ said...

LIGHTTTTTTTTTTTS OHHHH. tíhí. Kinda sucks that i have to miss new years, that's really the best time of the year imo. Vry niz. I læk.


Ninja said...

No wonder that Richard Amos is coming to Italy to teach us and bringing his "friend" to. We are probably the most fun ppl that he has EVER met :-D! Im telling u hahahahahaha!

Þórhildur said...

Nu skal du pass på deg Einar jeg kommer hjem fra Norge etter syv dager;)