Sunday, December 17, 2006


To make sure that you get the most out of every class, make sure you prepare your feet, so that blisters and cuts dont ruin the fun of it all.

Changing floors, upping the amount of training or intensity is three ways that will adversly affect the skin of your feet.

So, how to make sure that yours stay in perfect shape?

Its all about being proactive in care. That means that you need to treat them *before* you get some problem.

Standard care:
1. Use a footfile to remove hard skin.
2. Get a good moisterizer and use it morning and night.
3. About once a month i take a long, hot footbath and then use a footrazor to remove excess skin. (Dont use the razor on dry skin cause the possibility of cutting yourself is too big)

Trainingcamp care:
1. In addtion to the normal care i add more moisterizer before and after each class.
2. Bring some sportstape. If you should be unfortunate enough to get blisters, then tape in advance if at all possible.

Einars list of readily available recommended products:

Scholl footrazor
Scholl footfile
Vaseline Intensive Care moisterizer
Nivea Bodylotion

Whichever moisturizer you choose, try to not get the ones with the most perfume. Then make a habit of preparing your feet for training. They will love you for it.....



Anonymous said...

and when put the moisterizer on at night put socks on so it wont 'go to the sæng' or you know.. klínast :D

meikar vonandi sens fyrir einhverja íslendinga :D


dobus said...

ew, feet. I hate feet. haha, I'm in the wrong sport. ;)

villi said...

could you also write a blog about how to take prober care of your gi

Bylgja said...

my dear Villi...I taught you how to use a WASHING MACHINE in Laugarvatn last summer :D

PS: my daughter said NO :(

Anonymous said...

hahaha :') go to the sæng :D úúú ég elska fætur ! kyssi kyss sleef !