Saturday, August 12, 2006


I feel karateka should strive to be stronger and faster than yesterday, last month or last year. I further feel that lackluster behaviour only will backfire on yourself. So when the subject of the Reykjavik marathon came up this week, me and the extremely positive Eythor decided that we do a halfmarathon this year and a full marathon next year........

Anyway, here is the challenge: I think that all of you guys can do 10 km if you just set your heart to it..... Then halfmarathon next year, sounds like a good goal to get healthier and will also provide you with more aerobic training (which karate really dont give us enough of)

Impress me by showing up and finishing the 10 km, 21 km or if you already are a superman: 42 km. (Thats right, the 3 km is not a challenge and therefore dont count.... ;-) )

So far, Eythor and me are doing the 21km and Åsa, Gusta and Jon Andri is doing the 10km. Leave a note in my comments about which distance you are doing and spread the word. Sign up at


Einar Hagen said...

No comments, huh..... I am guessing the Icelanders are not really vikings anymore, after all....?


Eythor said...

Probably first time nobody writes a comment to your blog. They are scared (or short of sugar). Makes you wonder what the club is producing. Real daring karateka or bunch if misurable creatures. Your viking theory is wrong as there is record signings for the Marathon, just missing the enthusiasted people from the KarateClubs.

Gústa skagaskessa said...

Finally a comment that makes ppl make a decision and push themselves.
It really bothers me 2 hear parents tell me that their kids train 2 much!!!
What the hell is going on in this country?? Im 34 (i know i look like 23 ;-) ) years old and i train more then most of the teens. After i started karate, i got a new body. Three years ago, it took me about 20 minutes 2 get out of bed because of bakpain!! Both my shoulders were hurting just in general and so on!! I was scared going 2 the doctor with all those issues because i thought he wouldnt belive me. I have always been moving a bit but not as a lifestyle. After the doctor told me ive got discus prolaps (brjósklos) in my bak and i needed a surgery and that ive got kölkun (dont know the english word ;-) ) in both my shoulders, i made a decision that i had 2 turn my life in a better way and i did. Many ppl thought i was crazy (and some still think im crazy) when i started training karate!! Ive been in many sports but nothing has been as good 2 my body as karate. I go out and walk or lift weight with my karatetrainings. I try 2 move 6 times a week and listening 2 whining teens or adults about moving 3 times a week is not on in my ears!!!!!!!
Be good 2 your body and move more then the scedule tells u :-)!!
I dont belive that ppl arent stronger then this that they dont dare 2 go and walk or run 10 or 21 km!!
Gústa has spoken :-D

Bylgja said...

Hi you Maraþon heroes and real VIKINGS! I'm not scared and send you guys my moral support, even though it means nothing because you are doing the hard work not me :-) Good luck and enjoy the day.

Einar Hagen said...

Bylgja forgot to mention that she is in Spain on saturday. (That qualifies as a good reason for not showing up)

However, if ppl dont wanna test themselves, i think we should remember that that is their choice.

(Wow, i am *nice*.....!!)


Birkir said...

Marahon smarathon. I was going todo the marathon but then I ran into a friend and he gave me a beer and so there was no hope for me.

Alcohol and sports don't mix:
Don't run with bootles!
You could hurt your self.