Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fallseason is on!!

Weeeee!!!!! Finally training every day again!!! (Yeah, i know i could have done solotraining in the summer, and i did do some, but its just more fun when lots of people join in)

End of first whole week now, and i can really feel the difference in doing 9 or 20 hours..... Always takes a few weeks to get used to the amount again. But, i am not complaining since karate is so much *FUN*!!

A djøfunni: (hihi)
Koike sensei at Haukar 23rd to 25th of sept.
First Grand Prix-mot 30th sept.
First Bikarmot 7th oct.
UM in kumite 29th oct.
IM in kumite 11th nov.
Kato sensei at Haukar 17th to 19th nov.
Richard Amos sensei at our place 24th to 26th of nov.

Lets rock and roll, guys.



Ninja said...

Damn its good that the fallseason is on :-D!! Summerscedule is noooooo good!!!!!!!! Finally its possible 2 do more then two hours of training 3-4 times a week :-D! All bad that i cant join in 4 the Koike trainincamps (that i have been waiting 4 a year 2 go 2) urrrrrrrrrrrrr :(!!! But i hope everybody will go there because he is amazing :-D!! Einar punched and punched and punched Koike in the stomach and the dude just smiled :-D!! muhahahahahaha! Telling u all its worth it 2 train with Koike and everybody should show up!!

Einar Hagen said...

My gyakuzuki was broken that day... :$ Koike sensei had some very intresting ideas, though, so like the crazyperson said, u should be there. :-)

MyShotokan said...

Wow - busy Karate Training Schedule!

What an inspiration!