Monday, September 18, 2006

Powerballs!! :-D

(No, its nothing gross, i promise......)

As some of you may have noticed, i have sold some incredibly cool plastic balls lately... Just thought i should follow up with some more information. (Since some (unnamed people) have shamed me for my lack of selling efforts....)

Anyway.... Powerballs is an amazing little gadget that will improve your finger-, hand- and arm-strength while making you look stunningly charming, hot and super in the process.... Some minutes pr day on a regular basis will really strengthen your grip and vastly improve your quality of life and standard of living. Status, friends, fame and money will ofcourse naturally follow..... (I might be embellishing a bit for dramatic effect, but thats a secret....)

I read somewhere that the spinning inner ball is the fastest manually operated thing on earth... And considering that it can spin faster than 10.000 (worldrecord is over 16.000) rounds pr minute, i am inclined to believe that.

More information can be found by following the link on the right side of my main page.
(And some positive notes from my incredibly happy customers will be appreciated....)

Current price is ridiculously cheap, compared to whats being sold in a store on Laugarvegur, btw.

Basic version: 2.500
If you want blinking neon and/or a digital counter,
then that is another 500 each.


Dobus said... many jokes. ;P

Einar Hagen said...

I am very funny....


mr. president said...

...your right side? You mean, right down, down and you will find it! I'll order one with counter and cool color!
Mr. president

Einar Hagen said...

The right side looks ok in Firefox, but IE fucks it up, and i cant really figure out whats bugging it..... :-(

And blogger-nerds out there that wanna help, that would b good.....


Bylgja said...

Since some (unnamed people) have shamed me for my lack of selling efforts....)


Ninja said...

Powerballs are great :-)!! It dosent get better then this. Its possible to watch tv and exercise while doing it.
It surprises me how weak the muscles r in our arms so its good, if u have some interest in getting stronger, 2 own one like this and USE IT!!

Einar Hagen said...

Listen 2 da ninja..... "It doesnt get better than this"