Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Our bi-annual gashuko in the sun is coming up shortly and i am very excited now.

Not only are we going to place that looks greener and more fab than Calpe, but this time we also have imported a worldclass teacher. NO!!!!! *TWO* worldclass teachers!!! :3D

Most of you guys met Richard Amos sensei last november and probably understood very well why i have travelled to train with him many times. This time he also brings the technical director of his organization. Steve Ubl sensei trained with Nakayama sensei in the early 70-ies. Ubl sensei is creating quite a buzz among the people who has trained with him, so i cant wait for this opportunity to train with the guy that i have heard described as "probably Nakayama sensei`s best student, ever..." - High praise coming from a japanese karate-instructor........(!!!)

This gashuko will also have visitors from as far away as Tanzania, California and Norway..... And for the first time, we will have a separate dangrade class. Exciting times, indeed. And for all the kyugrades: Keep the pedal to the metal and join in the dangrade class as soon as possible. Room for anyone at the top that is willing to do the work required.....

I am off a week early to get a fab tan and to train with an italian group in Trieste....


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