Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vacation, weather and some random thoughts..

Tomorrow morning i am off for some good weather.....


I love being in Iceland, love the fact that i teach karate for a living, and the fact that icelanders are supernice. (Even though their language is wrong...)

Thanks for making me feel welcome. Looking forward to return shortly.

Then some karate-thoughts:

Tension is not helping your technique. Make an effort to be on time. Dont ask me bout opening the windows cause i am freezing and my hip is bad already. (Lets put a bag in the door if the airquality is poor) Welcome visitors, that way you get more partners and i put more effort into teaching a class of 20 than if we are only 5. They will also return the favour, i am sure. Remember the stuff i taught so we can move on. Listen to what i tell the others and then concentrate on the same issues. I can only guide you in the right direction; What you must bring to it is your full concentration and max effort, both mentally and physically.

Reading the above chapter it looks like i am all down on this experience, but i am not. I am just passionate about your progress. Sometime i actually think that my desire for you to get a black belt is even bigger than yours. I think this is because of all the great stuff that has happened for me as a result of training karate-do.

Thanks for a great spring season, folks, and lets keep pushing hard.



Anonymous said...

U r totally right about these things and i think everybody should shape up now and stop whining and put our karate on a higher level cause we have everything 2 be able 2 do that!!

Disasaurous said...

..yeah, iceland isn't allll that bad.. ;) (but the language definatly needs some help, hihi.)

You get good weather! ohhhh, not fairrrrrr. (actually it's been really nice the last couple days)
Hope you're having a super-fab time in Norwaaaaaaaay.


Wouldn't it just be easier if there were no windows at all? The answer is yes. :D.. (I'm so frickin' smart.)

Some advice a kitkat bar gave me: "remember you are not a salmon"

Alright, pyc out my fella' G.
mwahz. ;*

Tommi said...

We don't have windows ;)

villi said...

I hate training when all doors and windows are open, it helps me concentrate when the air is heavy (maybe that´s just me) i sorta get it when the yellow belts ask to open the windows but the brown belts should be able to tuff it out i mean for fuck sakes it´s only for an hour and fifteen minutes, the most annoying thing about it when they ask over and over again

ása said...

you're right tommi my dear friend :D muhahahhaha we don't have windows!!! *makes silly faces* lucky us!

we need more news? ...okthxbye

(raining is FINE!! didn't want to get more tanned or play in the sun anyway!!]