Sunday, July 09, 2006

Greeting from Norway :-)


Been in the land of (almost) eternal sunshine for a week and a half now.... Long time injuries seems to appreciate the one week break, and i cant wait to start teaching and training again.

The trainingcamp i attended last weekend is in my opinion the best value for money big camp out there. Excellent teachers, easy travelling from iceland and not too expensive. Senseis Amos, Trimble, Kompier and Langley impresses me with well-planned, dynamic classes that is thought-provoking and inspiring. If you are chasing karate excellence then this is one camp you should consider joining me for next year. (And the people really rock it out on Singstar.....!!)

Five more days of relaxation with family and then back home. All good. :-)


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Iceland! Good u r enjoying beeing in the sun and with your family :-)!! Hope u won singstar and showed them how 2 do it?

ása said...

..if you die in the next 5 days i will personaly kill myself so i can find you and kill you again!

btw.. i expect that you've told everybody how awesome i am, and the rest of the cool icelanders (not very many so it shouldn't be a problem)? (if not you're not allowed to come back until they know!)


Einar Hagen said...

I ofcourse did not sing, but i did tell them bout the awesomeness of the icelanders. They expect some of you guys next year, so start saving....


Anonymous said...

I dont think the Norwegians wanna see the scary Icelanders!! muhahahaha!! We r the best and they will do anything 2 keep us away so they wont look bad (A)!!

Disasaurous said...

Wait, Asa... I'm one of those people right? ;) ;) teehee. ^_^

KAK said...

Im gonna write a comment here with my BAD SPELLING!! I think its unbelevable that i drive around 60 km way 2 practice with another club (that i really enjoy training with) that im invited (by Indriði,Halli,Eyþór,Einar and so on) to join to listen 2 one person tell me that she hates me, screaming that she hates KAK (but not Ása because she is so cool) and that kind of stuff. Acting like this is "NOT" cool. Acting like this was ok the first time but over and over makes u think if this will just be like this? Breiðablik and KAK have worked very well together and i hope ppl wanna keep it that way?? I hope nobody in KAK will ever act like this to any visitor at our club!

Disasaurous said...

"Oh, Did my sarcasm hurt your feelings?...... get over it"

-le sigh- ok, fine. Bash on Disa. =(
I figured you weren't kidding when you said you would leave a comment on el-blog-o.
I never said I "hated you". And I definatly *don't* "hate" you...
..or KAK for that matter. (-.-)

So um, how to put this nicely...

stfu&get-over-it-cause-i-like-gusta-and-the-rest-of-kak-very-much-k?... Um, please?

kak said...

I will get over this all so no need to tell me that. And u said u hated me and not for the first time. I know you like having sarcasm and its ok (most of the times funny), but over and over talking about the same things makes me think. I like sarcasm in some amounts :-)!!
And like i said " i will get over it" :-)!

Einar Hagen said...

Well, I am glad everybody is happy and loving while i am away.... (rrrr...!!)

villi said...

pifff chicks

Disasaurous said...

Yay for happy.
k, Gusta is cool. we're "chyll" real G's... (how many people are gonna understand that sentence? :-s)

haha, wow.

mhm k. k. k. =)


ása said...

i can see that im not needed here,, Einar even though u escape the country shouldn't you control your "kids" ? :D

im cool (H) OoOooOo

tell your crazy ppl that i will show them how the cool ppl do it in iceland next year! any hot guys in this land of forest? (oh that reminded me of something!! RUN FOREST, RUN!! hahahahhahahahahahhahahahihihihihihiiiiiii)

wooow no more sugar for me mister!
ok byes? <3

ása said...

oh btw, im rich! got payed this morning!!

WOOHOOOO *saving so i can tease the forest ppl*

Disasaurous said...

Asa, lay off the sweets. ;)

ása said...

you guys are awesome!
everything's awesome!

..goodnight :*