Saturday, February 04, 2006

Visit from McCluskey sensei...

On the 10-12 of february the scottish sensei, Pat McCluskey is visiting Iceland. Take me very seriously when i say you dont wanna miss this opportunity to get worldclass shotokan instruction. It is *vital* for your understanding and inspiration to regularly go to trainingcamps like this.

Practical example: My sensei back in Norway has travelled 2 times a year since the early 80-ies to travel with his sensei in England... Talk bout commitment, and the result of this effort is that he now is one of the top senseis of shotokan karate in Europe. There might have been times when he was sick of it, or needed to spend time with his family, but knowing how important this was for his development, he never took a break.

I have trained with McCluskey sensei a couple of times before and i have been thrilled each and every time. This guy is great at teaching, will give you a good explanation, a fun workout and i would be very surprised if you find a way of coming out of his class without being inspired. He is now coming to a place where you guys have less than 50 minutes of traveltime and a cost that is infinitly small, compared to the potential reaward. Dont let this amazing opportunity pass you by. I *know* i wont.

To the seniors: If there is room for you in the lowergraded class, i suggest you ask if its ok to join in there, too, if you have the time and energy.

Regarding schedule and prices, look on your clubs webpage.


Crazy bitch!!! said...

It would be ok if u r a senior 2 practice with Pat but since not all of us r then is really dissapointing 2 have an hour 2 train with him 3 days in a row!!! ARGGGHHHHHHHHHH
Hope everyone else will go from 9.kuy-4.dan because this guy really really works :-)!!!

Einar Hagen said...

The scedule has been extended a bit. Another 30 minutes for the 9-4kyus on friday and sunday. I also think that there maybe will be some space in the teen-group fro some eager lowergrades. Ask.