Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Skoh, Sporthusid is like... like supersvalt, thusst. Its like.... OMG, skilirud.

Will get in shape now, this is gonna be awesome. Karate training is the most fun one can have with clothes on, but if you have more energy after training, then i totally recommend some extra workouts. Weights for strength, running or bicycling for aerobic capability and some stretching outside of regular classes can only help your health and your karate. (I am thinking in *addition* to your karate, though)

Furthermore, i need somebody to play squash with (skvass, in your funny language....) But since i am only average at it and hate to lose, you have to wait a while if you are good at it.... ;-) I am totally available during the day before 1400 and saturday afternoon or sunday afternoon/night. Gimme a beep and lets boogie (Or whatver its called...)


Helga said...

your Icelandic is bjútífúl....

Skagaskessan said...

I cant understand that a person that hates competitions dosent like 2 loos :-0!! I would think that he wouldnt care at all!
But since im better in badminton, tabletennis and everything we have been compeeting in, i think somebody else should teach u something in "skvass" before u compeet with me :-)!!

Disasauraus. said...

Omg skiliru. Skiliru. Skiliruhhhhh.
Chaa, skiliru.. words for class! Skiliru. Hand movements skiliru.

That has got to be the most intelligent sentence I have ever typed. ;)

and what the hell is skvass/squash?

Vera said...

OMG sko tótallí gelgj skilliru