Thursday, January 26, 2006

Funky feeling....

It is the strangest feeling to see yourself on billboards..... :-s

I try to rationalise by saying to myself: "Its only a picture"....
Doesnt work.... When i drive past the umptenth billboard
with my yokogeri on it, i get two feelings. One, i am half
embarrased and two; WOW, its COOL!!

Other than that, i have to add that Skyr actually is cool.
Blend it with some fruit, crushed ice, a bit of milk and
suddenly its the coolest healthy drink ever.



Disa, skiliruh. said...

I'm gonna leave you a comment.. 'cause i know when i'm on myspace [which pwns over this site] i think it's totally fun to get comments saying absolutly nothing.. kinda like this one. So.. um.. here's a comment.

Why would you be embarrased to see you all over the place! Haha, it sounds super rad. FAMOUS. FAMMOUSS.
FAMMMMMMMMMOUSSS. [Just repeat that 5 or 100 times.]

Kaythxsbi. x3

Vera sæta said...

I'm expecting an autograph now, preferably on the picture of you that came in Fréttablaðið....

Tommi said...

You have a web page??? And dont tell my about it??? :'( Now I have to come here and read your stuff and you will never get rid of me muhahahahaha..

P.S. vondur maður?

ása said...

AND YOU TOLD YOU ABOUT BOOST??!??!! me me me me me me me me ása katrín bjarnadóttir, the one and only! :D