Sunday, September 27, 2009

And then it was over for this time...

Amos sensei is on his way back to New York and we have our heads filled with "move from center; start swiftly and then maybe back off; the wall isnt very intelligent; your tecniques must be smooth; be considerate of what your partner is trying to accomplish; you must maintain your composure at all times" - and so on. I am very excited bout the clarity of senseis teaching and i cant wait to train with him again.

Big kudos to those of the higher grades that participated in *all* the classes available:

Bjørg, Villi, Disa, Gudrun, Vidir, Gretar, Arnar, Leifur, Kari, Einar and the very big Einar, Gusta, Eyrun, Heida, Hafdís, Valgerdur, Oddny. And ofc kudos to Helga for watching everything, making sure we got it right. ;) (Let me know if i missed someone) And lowergrades; as soon as you can do all the classes; I really recommend that you do.

And to everyone that showed up; Thanks for coming, please remember the principles of what was taught and apply it to all of your karate.

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Guðrún said...

Juhu! Finally famous :)
This was an awesome weekend by the way!