Monday, September 21, 2009

Amos sensei training camp 25-27sept 2009

Its that time of year again, guys. If you wanna learn shotokan karate from one of the best teachers alive, then do not miss this awesome event at Lindaskoli.

Richard Amos method of transmitting complex concepts in a understandable way with new exercises is amazing and that is the main reason why i have traveled out of the country more than 10 times to train with him (He has also visited Iceland twice before) He is now coming to a place very close to you and i cant emphasize this strongly enough: Do not miss it.

And to the brown and blackbelts: You have the opportunity to join in for all the classes (yours and the lowergrade class) and if you do, you will get your name mentioned on my fabulous (!!) blog.... ;)

Seriously; immersion is vital for fast progress and weekends like this where we can do over 10 hours of training with a worldclass teacher that actually really wanna teach are quite rare, so i am definetly there for all possible sessions. (I also do the kids-class in addition to the regular classes when i visit him in NY)

I guess you can tell by the nature of this post that i am quite excited bout the weekend already..... :D

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