Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Law of Attraction

Hmmmm..... The law of attraction....... The Secret..... hmmm....... Does it work....? Weeeell.... For the last 20 years the idea have popped up in my life, and i actually do believe in it. Time to apply.

Great book: "As a man thinketh" by James Allen

Time to focus on what i want, instead of what i dont want. I am done thinking about being tired or having too little money. From now on: I have abundance of energy, health and enough money to experience what life really is made of. Furthermore, my maegeri will be fabulous by the end of december 2008 and at that time i am also living in my own house. It will have a serious, serious bathroom, a 50" television, a fridge that makes icecubes on its own and with a private parking-space for my incredibly cool Mazda MX-5.

Life rocks and so will i. I doubledare you to join me in this quest for happiness.


1 comment:

villi said...

you have big goals dude wich is cool. i only have to: don´t get expelled and pass shodan next march (atleast i think it´s march)