Sunday, September 30, 2007

Attitude / Training ethics...

In my opinion: Attitude and proper training-ethics are the two most important things, when it comes to improving anything. I furthermore think that both can be decided upon having or developing if you find yourself desiring some level of excellence.

Lets discuss karate as our topic of choice.... If you dont have either of those, then i predict that your karate will be very weak and lacking any kind of technical prowess (Yes, i toss in big words to look smart-ish.... hihi) Training-ethics without attitude is one step better, but the karate-result usually is something that looks very pleasing, but doesnt really work as self-defence or in kumite-competition. Attitude only, will also get you part of the way, if the goal is to become a well-rounded karateka. This groups advantage will be in the practical application, though. (I think they often can fight and win in the dojo or in the street)

With both attitude and a strong training-ethic, i think "real karate" is attainable. Attitude: Applying yourself mentally as hard as you can, never backing down. Training ethic: Make your classes a priority and do something extra all the time. Something extra, what do i mean? A trainingcamp or two pr year, some solo-training before or after class, a slow jog or two a week, a bit of pushups / situps every other day or whatever else you see your karate needs.

OR NOT!! And this part is important.... Do karate for *your* reasons and above all, have fun with it. Furthermore, dont give up on yourself if you have some lofty goals and dont put yourself down in the process. Its ok to be self-critical so that you dont stop trying hard, but its not productive to tell yourself that you are hopeless and should give up everything cause it will never improve.

ANYTHING you go after with your brain and body, will improve vastly over time. You have to go after it, though, or it wont get better, whatever it is you desire. (Wow, i sound way older than i feel.... :-$ )

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When will you publish the book?