Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As some of you may have noticed, i have been drinking a fair amount of green stuff lately.... Why, i hear people ask..... Cause after listening to the worlds premier lifestyle coach, Tony Robbins, i am now certain that what we eat these days, is not what our bodies were designed to digest.

The consumption of excess amounts of sugar, carbohydrates (that transforms into sugar), dairy-products, alcohol and foods with face is a real problem for our health. All of these makes our inner balance go out of whack. (I am pretty sure that you like me have felt the extreme fatigue after binging on these kinds of foods.... We should maybe ask ourselfs why....?) The theory is that our body is too acidified and by eating wrong foods we compound the problem to a point where the body cant eliminate the acids successfully and we start to die..... (I may be paraphrasing a bit loosely, but not to the point of lying)

Tony Robbins Living Health-program is based on the research of microbiologist Dr Robert Young and below is a clip from CNN on Youtube.

I have not adopted all of his theories, but i have started in the right direction. I found a green powder that i mix in water and i also add some drops of a product called PH-booster. The two products together, makes it quite easy to alcalise and energize in a way that does not involve spending the whole day finding loads of different greens to prepare our alcalizing meals with.

Eventually i will move further and further into a greener diet, but for now i have just added 4 liters of greendrink a day, and after just 2 weeks on this, my cravings have noticeably diminished.

The products i use are found in Hagkaup and Heilsuhusid and is called Alkalive Green and Alkalive PH-booster, btw. In Iceland a month supply will cost just over 10.000 but ordered online through shopusa the cost will drop to about 8.000 (or less if you desire other products in addition to those 2) For more product-info:


Jón Andri said...

You are always so extreme :)

If you want to move to more healthy and "green" food, then there are much better (and cheeper) methods to do that than to buy a can of some powder. Powders are usually artificial products, which your body is NOT designed to digest.

But I like that you are thinking about healthy diet - but maybe starting with vegetables, fish, chicken, fruits, nuts ... and more "normal" things which is not in powder form in a can :)

Einar Hagen said...

Extreme is the only way to go.


On the issue of nutrition, though, it seems that we just have to disagree. (If you are curious as to why, i will gladly supply you with info, though)


Anonymous said...

i dont trust it...
and tony robbins sounds like a greedy dying cat who is only still making those bullshit tapes/help books so he can make some more cash.

You only need one self help book.
Not 6.
And you only need one

not 11.

greedy bastard.

Anonymous said...

and jón andri is than youuuu.

Einar Hagen said...

Funny how when the concept of change come up, many ppl get defensive...


Anonymous said...

It isn't being's being concerned. Ok, it's great you feel better and I'm happy if you do, but you drink that stuff all day everyday...that can't be healthy.

What happens when you decide you dont wanna drink it anymore?
Does the "high" of feeling good go away and make you feel terrible and miserable again? It's like anything ( at least i think ) you like it, it makes you feel good and sooner or later you wont be able to go without it. It's the same with meds, and perscribed creams.
If you take a med to make your skin better and it changes and you take it everyday for a year then stop, your skin is going to hell... which means the body has gotten used to whatever good/bad was in the meds.
Are you planning on being on that stuff for the rest of your life?
Ok, i'll shut up
I just don't trust the stuff.
...maybe it's just the colour.

villi said...

i´ve always sort of had a thing for chesseburgers