Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Jaujau..... Icehot 2 is over, but the feeling of something very special remains. We arrived on sunday the 10th, unfortunatly without Steve Ubl sensei. He came a day late after a string of bad stuff on his flight. Good thing he was so awesome that he made up for the day he missed, many times over. His karate is so beyond anything i have ever seen from a shotokan karateka. The power, the way of applying techniques, the fluid and fast motions, the creativity of the bunkai, his politeness. All very impressive.

Richard Amos sensei was as usual impeccable. The trainings all in all was balanced and very, very informative. Add to that great weather, fabulous pasta, good location, beach-training, a decent tan and you understand why i am so excited. (Yes, i have decided to forget about the mosquitos and the crappy breakfast)

Other than that we need to find the handsome guy that talked the teachers into coming and made the superduper schedule........ (And give him a raise....... hihi)



dobie said...

Amos <3! Italy! weeee. I want to go back...and do it all again! ....well.....um..maybe not the--..yeah all of it! :D ;]

The country of Norway should be scared. (a)

Einar Hagen said...

I am pretty sure they are scared..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good thing u guys had such a great time out there :-)!

Steve was unbelevable and im totally copying his stuff. If u want pretty karate 2 show off with then choose another teacher but if the focus is on making it work then Steve Ubl is the one 2 train with!!

The mix of Steve Ubl and Richard Amos teaching is perfect.