Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Needs of a karate-teacher

To be able to function as a teacher of karate-do for a long time, i think most instructors will agree with the thoughts expressed in this post.

Everyone has different values in life and when I approach my teacher I listen very attentively to his directions so that I don't step too much on his toes. (My fear is that if I do it will make him less enthused in helping me improve) If he would say: "I think its important to not wear jewelry" or "The karate suit must be clean" - then I would show up without jewelry and with a clean suit. If his values were totally incompatible with mine, then I would look for a new teacher (It has happened to me, and yes, it still hurts)

My values regarding karate-training is best summed up like this: Try your best at all times, keep a positive attitude and don't give up, ever.

Another thought regarding how I approach being among the senior students in the class: My role is then to enhance the point that my teacher is trying to get across. (If i don't agree with what is being taught, I would not voice my opinion nor argue about it in class)

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