Monday, May 10, 2010

The way of the empty hand

Some random thoughts about how to excel at traditional karate-do....

Train diligently. Make training a habit and make sure you have fun in the process.

Edify your teachers and your senior students. Its in everyone`s interest to make sure that the new people think that the teacher has a clue and the teacher should return the favor to the more senior students, so as to instill the attitude that they are to be listened to.

Show up to the dojo ready to do your best. If not in good spirits or with no desire to practice then maybe better to not come. (Although, i have numerous times come to the dojo feeling weak or sad and the proper application of karate has then energized me and made my day brighter)

Dont look for reasons to give up in class, look for the strength of spirit to keep going no matter what.

Always be ready to test yourself and show your stuff with no fear of embarrassment. Your karate is what it is and your accomplishment so far is to be proud of, not to be hidden cause of fear.

Show up for as many training-camps as you can. The immersion of many hours in short period of time is hard work, but will definatly move your karate fast in the right direction.

Karate is supposed to build your confidence and personal power. Take any opportunity to challenge yourself. (Teach, help juniors, judge, ask your sempai if they can help you with your kata or if they wanna do some kumite after class and so on)

Fitness + timing and/or the polishing of the external form of kata is not enough for the lifelong enjoyment of the art of karate-do. Regular dojo-classes with sufficient number of hours on a consistent basis is the only way to understand the way of the empty hand.


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Amen to that;-)


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