Friday, December 14, 2007

Karate - quotes.

I hope this post will be a collection of funny, inspirational and thought-provoking little tidbits. (Yes, i am working on my vocalbulary....hihi)

In no particular order:

When i was a young man, many people blocked with their face.... Enoeda Keinosuke

The jumps in Chinte.... hmmm.... must be like the waves, you know.... Ueki Masaaki

Maybe better with more hips..... Kawasoe Masao

There is no such thing as perfect karate. Richard Amos

There is no first attack in karate. Funakoshi Gichin

Move your whole body at once, dont follow you limbs. Einar Hagen

Breathing.... Its quite simple really.... you breathe in and then out. Steve Ubl

I cant stand karate-politicians. Andre Bertel

Kihon good, kata very good, kumite ok, dogi very bad. Kawasoe Masao at my sankyu grading.

Jeg håper å få rista litt på juleribba. Andre Bålerud

When the fight starts, hit their nose. Eydis Lindal

And then you hit my face with your right hand..... Jan Spatzek (Just before Gusta whacked him in front of the class......)

DONT HIT YOUR MOTHER!!! Kato Sadashige after Bjørg missed the control test. (He followed the comment by whacking her on the head with the plastic bottle used in the test.... hihi)

And to finish my part of this i just wanna add some cool words in no particular order: Passionate, determined, spirited, driven, empathetic, committed, persistent, harmonious, upbeat, strong, yielding, unyielding, disciplined, striving, supportive, helpful, wonderful.

Hope you guys can add to my list of cool words and quotes in the comment-section.


villi said...

flower power is very good.Andre Bålerud (right before he wacked me into the mirror with mae-geri)

not like nakayama like me. unknown norweigian person

Teddi: sensei i have this feeling in my leg and it´s starting to move to my other leg
Halli: maybe it´s a snake

i´m not doing clean sports stuff. steve ubl

other karateka can´t do shotokan but shotokan karateka can do anyother style. poh lim

watching kawasoe sensei doing is like smoking weed. poh lim

þetta er dagurinn hans helga. björg,guðrún and me (icelandic kumite championship)

you stupid brown belt. kato talking to me

okey even though i can think of many more i´m gonna stop now

Einar Hagen said...

Good job, Villi. Keep going.


Anonymous said...

"My breasts are in the way"

Anonymous said...

Bylgja had a rememerable quote when she said that her breasts were in the way (hihi)!

Ísak said...

what are you doing! are you gay? - Kato sensei (when i was doing some "stupid" technique)

what is wrong with you! are you gay too! - Kato sensei (kristjan trying to do the same technique)

- Ísak

Einar Hagen said...

I remember that comment. (I may have giggled quite a bit.... hihi)


Einar Hagen said...

"Try to find the most intelligent looking partner....." - Richard Amos

Alexander said...

A Belgian teacher ask a student to tense his stomach-muscles.
He hit the student three times in the stomach (HARD!)

"How does that feel?" he asked.
"Not good" was the respons.

"Now you know why we learn to block!!" ;-)

Anonymous said...

The free exchange of ideas and athletic activity is the essence of freedom and democracy.

richard amos

Anonymous said...

Your hands should always be closed, unless they are to be opened.