Wednesday, July 25, 2007


ITS ME!!!!!!


No, really.... Google Ubl sensei and see what happens.....

I am also one the first results page with several other searches and in the last couple of days i have had hits from UK, US, Slovenia, Japan, Selfoss, Rio de Janeiro and so on..... ( suddenly gave me all sorts of stats on my page, check it out)

Other than that, not much to tell, but since i have so many readers now, i will try and update things a bit more often.....



Einar Hagen said...

weeee-weeeee!! (i am nr 3 now....)

Anyways, the map on the right side also shows where in the world my hits are coming from, but i didnt get it up before yesterday, and therefore missed hits from all over the world (weee-weeee)

Ohwell, will start using my website address as my signature when i post online and lets see if we cant get some hits from all over again.


Einar Þ said...

You have way to much spare time! ;)

Maybe you could use it to blog more :)