Thursday, March 15, 2007


Apparently Breidablik and KAK is doing something right these days....... (A)

First and second place in the "best club" competition, again.....
Congratulations, guys. Just goes to show that basic simple
shotokan done right still works.

Highlights for me this time, in no particular order:

Heidas Bassai Dai
Gummis power
Åsa showed up when sick and won silver and gold.
Bjørgs Jion

The rest of the competitors from the 2 clubs also made
me proud to be teaching here. Keep it up guys.

And to help you guys realize how good
we are, check out this guy.......

Shortly i am planning to post some of our kata to compare..... (a)



NINJA said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG........ This must be a joke :-S!! I cant belive anybody can do it so BAD....????????? JESUS!!

Bylgja said...

I thought he was pretty good...he makes me look amazing so I would like to have him next to me in the dojo :D Maybee we should ask him to join us in Italy...

Bjorg said...

Önnur glæsileg kata með sama gaur ;-)

Anonymous said...

bjorg showed up sick and won silver and gold too.


Anonymous said...

wee need more videos like this
I asked him for more videos

regards evil fat ninja