Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wassup? :-)

I am still alive.....

2007 so far: Lots of snow, started icelandic course (erfitt...)

A djøfunni:

2/2 - 4/2 Pat McCluskey in Thorshamar
16/2 - 18/2 Koike Yutaka at Haukar
30/3 - 1/4 Kawasoe Masao

Also seniorclasses on every other sunday:

For ikkyu and above, 1700 at Thorshamar, all shotokan-
stylists are welcome. 11/2 and 25/2 and so on.

Other than that, i am off to New York again 1/5 - 11/5....
Next year someone should join me.... Training almost privately
in the WTKO honbudojo is *very* special....

June is also looking very niiize... 3/6 - 10/6 in Trieste training
with Koikes italian hero, Paolo Bolaffio of
and then ICEHOT2 with Richard Amos and Steve Ubl for a week.

A week and a half to recover in Iceland, before we scoot off to
Norway to train in Fredrikstad with the world-class team of
Aidan Trimble (awesome 7th dan) Richard Amos (superawesome
6th dan), Tom Kompier (awesome 5th dan from Holland)
and Scott Langley (awesome 4th dan instructor-class graduate)

Week off to recover in Stavanger, and back to my fab blue house.
(I hope it dont get taken down.... Feel free to join me in the hoping)

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